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So you’ve decided to create a blog, or maybe you’re looking to take the blog you have to the next level. Either way, if you want to grow your blog’s readership, a stunning blog logo is a great place to start. 

To catch your readers’ attention, you’ll need a logo that speaks to your unique voice. See how other bloggers are turning their writing style into a visual style, by browsing our collection of blog logos. Explore logos from lifestyle blogs, food blogs, personal blogs, and more, to see what fonts, colors, and symbols speak to readers and writers alike. Once your creative juices are flowing, try using Looka’s AI-powered logo creator. In just a few minutes, you can watch your blogger logo come to life.

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Blog logo best practices

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As you consider your colors, take a minute to think about your blog’s style, content, and readers. The best palette for your blog logo is one that captures your blog’s essence and resonates with your readers. A bright, unique color can make your blog logo more memorable, so readers remember who wrote that share-worthy piece. A more muted palette can create a sense of calm for readers. If you’re unsure what to choose, black and white is a staple choice for bloggers.

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While your logo will need to look great on your blog banner and site favicon, those won’t be the only place you’ll use it. As you’re creating your blog logo, think about how you plan to promote your blog. Will you be sending out emails? Promoting on social media? Advertising on other websites? To ensure your logo looks great across multiple mediums and sizes, keep your layout simple. A clean layout looks great on social media, email newsletters, and websites—making it easy to share your work.

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As a writer, you already know the power of words. But you might not be as familiar with the power of fonts. Fonts are particularly important for blogger logos, capturing the writer’s voice at a glance. Logos on blogs often feature custom or script typefaces to highlight design skills, style, and personality. Script fonts are a popular choice for personal blog logos, due to their handwritten feel. Look for fonts that fit your unique voice and speak to the readers you’re looking to reach.

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Many bloggers opt for wordmark logos. By choosing to omit symbols entirely, they let their fonts do the talking instead. Those that do include symbols typically do so with a monogram or initial. If you choose to include a symbol in your logo, make sure it matches the topics you write about. A hanger for your fashion blog, a knife for your food blog, a makeup brush for your beauty blog, and so on. Aside from complementing your content, your symbol should also match your other design elements—to create a balanced visual brand.

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Special Features

Elevate your blogger logo from first draft to final version using Looka’s special features. Start revising your design by finding a wordsmith-worth font pair. Font pairs allow you to mix and match different typefaces within your logo, perfect for capturing the many sides of your blog’s content. If you’re looking to add a literary element, try incorporating a container. Containers create a sense of authority around your name—perfect for emphasizing your blog’s expertise. For a logo that thinks outside the box, try incorporating curved text within a circular container. With a few of Looka’s special features by your side, you’ll be ready to hit publish in no time.

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