Cafe logo design

Great coffee, great food, and great ambiance are all part of the perfect cafe experience. Give customers a taste of your brand's unique blend, with a stunning cafe logo. The right logo begins brewing excitement at a glance, so you can start turning passersby into regulars—before they even smell the coffee. 

Just like a great cup of coffee, a great cafe logo starts with the right raw ingredients. Find the finest quality cafe brand designs, by browsing our collection of cafe and coffee logos. Next, explore some logo design best practices, and learn to combine your colors, layout, fonts, and symbol to create a well-balanced cafe logo. Finally, craft the perfect logo for your cafe, with the help of Looka’s AI-powered logo maker.

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Cafe logo best practices

Colorful Windows with Trees Indoors


As you start stirring up your cafe logo’s color palette, consider your patrons’ palates. If your cafe caters to cozy tastes, warm reds, oranges, and browns will set the mood. If your customers prefer a minimalist feel, serve your palette black with a splash of white. To set your cafe apart from competitors, spice things up by sprinkling in an accent color. Whatever colors you choose, be sure to also create a black and white version of your logo for napkins, coffee cups, and drink sleeves.

Phone Layout with Logo on Screen


Speaking of napkins, coffee cups, and drink sleeves, your cafe’s logo will likely be appearing across those mediums. This means you’ll need a versatile logo layout. If you want to ensure your logo always looks fresh, stick to simple layouts. Put the focus on only one element—either your name or symbol—to create a logo customers remember from their first sip. As an added bonus, simple logo layouts scale well. So they’ll look just as good on signage as they do on sugar packets.

Large Letter A on Rusted Background


While cafe signboards and menus might favor swirling scripts for their fonts, the same can’t be said for cafe logos. Some cafe logos go the Script font route, but it's far from everyone's cup of tea. For many, the sharp lines of Sans-Serif font give their cafe a modern appeal. For others, the sturdy corners of Serif fonts add a sense of tradition. For any cafe font you consider, remember to check for readability. An easy-to-read font makes for an easy-to-remember cafe name.

Elaborate Ampersand Symbol on Crowded Desk


Symbols can act as a shorthand for your brand, telling customers the essentials at a glance. For cafes, literal symbols like coffee cups, beans, and teapots are popular options. However, you can also opt to go a more imaginative route. Metaphorical symbols can communicate the mood of your cafe, while adding a sense of mystery. For any symbol you choose, make sure to consider the context of your logo. A great symbol will suit your other logo elements, blending with the rest of your brand.

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