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Make a splash with a car wash logo design that builds a memorable brand and nurtures recurring customers. Great logo design builds professionalism in your customer's eyes and enables you to stand out near and far. It’s critical to building a solid reputation!

We’ve curated carwash logo designs from top carwash businesses and created some original ones with our free-to-use logo maker. Gauge popular industry logo colors, logo inspiration, and styles below. Play around with the endless logo options and create a carwash logo design that suits your vision and brings your business to life.

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Carwash logo best practices

Colorful Windows with Trees Indoors


Use color to define your business but also allude to the industry you’re in. For carwash logo design, consider blue, green, gray, and other colors associated with a clean and crisp look. You can even use metallic colors to stand out and give the appearance of shining chrome. Use color deliberately and use different combinations to express your brand and services.

Phone Layout with Logo on Screen


Legibility and simplicity are key here, so make sure your logo and business name are easy to read from a distance. Don’t get carried away with unique layouts, and choose something that displays your business name, slogan, and symbol in a direct way. Consider where you’ll be placing your logo and think of what it will look like once it’s printed on decals, t-shirts, and signage.

Elaborate Ampersand Symbol on Crowded Desk


The logo font is critical to your visual identity. Think carefully about the attributes you want to associate with your brand. Is it modern and luxurious? Or quirky and approachable? Consider a sans serif for a modern look and a display font for something super original. Serif fonts have a traditional and timeless look, which can work well with a more classic brand and logo.

Large Letter A on Rusted Background


Your symbol will be an instant identifier and make your services known to anyone. But you don’t have to stick to the traditional car symbol! You can opt for a theme for your car wash or use something that is more personal to your brand story. Your logo symbol will live on all of your business assets, so make sure it scales well and looks good online and off.

Lightbulb against dark background - logo ideas special features

Special features

A great carwash logo design communicates your industry and your service. Consider adding a logo symbol with a car, drops of water, a spray, or even a cleaning brush. For monograms, try out a container in various shapes and textures to see which one resonates with your brand. Consider a sans serif or display font to convey a modern look or a serif font for a traditional appeal. Think of where you’ll be placing your logo: will it be on t-shirts and car decals? Use this to help guide your carwash logo design.

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