Charity logo design

Whatever your cause, creating a charity takes passion and determination. But to grow your efforts and make a larger impact, you need to get others involved. Attract donors and volunteers to your organization by creating a strong brand, starting with a strong logo. The right charity logo will communicate your cause, while also inspiring others to join the movement.

Get design inspiration by browsing our collection of charity logos from philanthropic organizations of every size and focus. Once you’ve looked through our logo gallery, study up on best practices, to see what logo colors, fonts, and symbols will best convey your mission. When you’re ready, make your own logo using our AI-assisted logo creator!

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Charity logo best practices

Colorful Windows with Trees Indoors


As you begin designing your logo, look for colors that reflect your cause and the work you do to further it. Many charities choose more muted shades for their color palettes, to create a welcoming impression with their logos. While selecting your colors, check them against similar charities in your niche, to ensure donors and volunteers can tell your organization from others.

Phone Layout with Logo on Screen


Depending on how they raise funds or awareness, charity logos can appear across a variety of mediums and sizes. To ensure your logo rises to the occasion in every application, look for a clean, minimal layout. If you’re unsure where you’ll be using your logo, you can give yourself some flexibility by creating a few different variations for different possibilities.

Large Letter A on Rusted Background


Your charity’s logo tells the story of your organization, and one key storytelling tool is your font. To communicate your charity’s generous spirit, look for open, airy fonts with sufficient spacing between letters. These fonts create a sense of openness and inclusion, allowing potential volunteers and donors to see a place for themselves within your organization.

Elaborate Ampersand Symbol on Crowded Desk


If you opt to include a symbol in your logo, make sure it’s relevant to the work your charity does. For an environmental conservation charity, this might mean a plant icon. For a family-focused charity, this might mean an icon of people holding hands. As you consider symbols, make sure they complement the rest of your design, to create a truly harmonious charity logo.

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