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The cleaning services industry is all about the details and a great cleaning logo is too! A well-designed logo builds trust in your skills, before you ever spray, sweep, or scrub. With a perfectly polished cleaning logo, you’ll be ready to outshine the competition in no time.

Before you can start creating your logo, you need to do a little research. Explore our collection of cleaning services logos to see how others are building a pristine brand image. Learn what colors, layouts, fonts, and symbols make for a squeaky clean logo design. When you’re ready to design a logo for your own cleaning company, try Looka’s AI-powered logo maker! It’s free to try—and fun to use!

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Cleaning logo best practices

Colorful Windows with Trees Indoors


Blue and green are often used by cleaning companies since these colors are associated with purity, nature, and water. For your own cleaning logo, keep your color palette simple, using only one or two colors. Whether you go for a soft wash of pastels or a bold splash of color, a minimalist color palette is always striking. If you’re worried about making a mess while mixing colors, stick with black or white and a single pop of color.

Phone Layout with Logo on Screen


A cleaning company's logo is the last place you want to see clutter, so keep your layout simple. A clean logo layout also offers flexibility, meaning your logo will look just as good on your cleaning company's business cards as it does on custom cleaning equipment. Depending on where you’re marketing your cleaning services, you might end up using a few layout variations. Symbol-only, symbol and text, and text-only logo variation are the three most important.

Large Letter A on Rusted Background


Whether you're running a house cleaning company or a commercial cleaning company, you'll want your logo font to communicate cleanliness and trustworthiness. Look for sleek font designs, with clean lines and sharp corners. Bold, Sans-Serif and Modern fonts are popular picks for the cleaning industry. As you look for your font, aim for something simple enough to read across multiple mediums, while still standing out from the competition.

Elaborate Ampersand Symbol on Crowded Desk


Cleaning company symbols will vary depending on your area of expertise. What makes sense for a carpet cleaning logo might not make sense for a pressure washing logo. Choose a symbol that clearly communicates what you do, while also complementing your colors, layout, and fonts. A disorganized logo full of mismatched elements won’t work for this industry. Lastly, make sure your symbol can scale to suit different marketing materials.

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Special Features

Want your cleaning logo to really clean up the competition? Try using Looka’s special features. Start by adding a bit of shine to your logo with gradient color schemes. Available in metallic and solid colors, gradients create a polished, professional appeal. If you’re looking for a sharper logo layout, try the stacked text and symbol options. Finally, for the perfect finishing touch, try adding a container. Containers add a sense of structure, creating a neat and tidy impression of your cleaning brand.

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