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Begin a visual exploration that reflects the vital pulse of essential services – create your cross logo design with Looka today! Choose from a variety of visual elements inspired by healthcare, emergency services, and financial stability, where intersecting lines and dynamic shapes combine to tell a story of reliability and support. Strengthen your brand identity with a distinctive cross logo that encapsulates the core values of your business, whether in religion, healthcare and pharmaceutical, or veterinary services.

Need help choosing the right logo for your business or church? Check out our collection of cross logos used by businesses in various industries. See which colors, fonts, and symbols work well, and learn how to use them in your logo. When you're ready, elevate your brand's image with our AI-powered cross logo maker!

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Cross logo best practices

Logo Best Practices Color


Opt for a sophisticated color scheme of 2-3 hues for your cross logo to ensure visibility across merchandise, signage, and social media. Cross logos commonly use colors such as blue for trust and stability, green for nature and wellness, red for urgency, and white for purity and professionalism.

Logo Best Practices Layout


Think about the primary placements for your cross logo as you finalize the design. Ensure a polished and well-proportioned layout to let your logo stand out, be it in a church setting, on printed materials like a letter head, or on your online platform. Emblem and combination logos are commonly used layouts for cross logos! These layouts meet different branding requirements, providing flexibility and creative options for expressing symbolic significance associated with crosses.

Logo Best Practices Typography


Select typography that complements the timeless appeal of your cross design. Cross logos commonly use serif fonts for a traditional feel, and sans-serif fonts for a modern look. Embrace clean and contemporary fonts to convey a sense of sophistication. Infuse a hint of creativity with custom lettering that reflects the essence of your brand. A well-chosen font will leave a lasting impression, ensuring that your business comes to mind amongst your competition.

Logo Best Practices Symbol


Whether promoting products or services, cross logos often incorporate symbols or a shape closely tied to the theme. Common choices include crosses, religious symbols, or elements associated with faith. Opt for simplicity and grace in your symbol or shape selection. The goal is to identify an icon or sign that mirrors the significance of your cross-related offerings with a touch of elegance.

Logo Best Practices Special Features

Special Features

Molding your ideal cross logo is a breeze with Looka's logo maker and our unique features! Infuse authenticity into your cross logo ideas with our symbol replacement tool. Elevate your logo with containers, and cultivate a sense of individuality by incorporating diverse shapes from our editor. You can see these features in logos like the Red Cross logo. Build on your business’ dreams effortlessly with our cross logo maker—take the opportunity today!

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