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Even if you don’t believe in love at first sight, you can’t ignore the power of first impressions. To make the most of your first encounter with customers, you need a brand that shows what a catch your company is. Court your customers with a dating logo that will make their hearts skip a beat. 

To create a standout dating app logo, simply follow your heart—and a few design best practices. Browse our gallery of logos from dating apps and sites of every kind, to see what colors, fonts, formats, and symbols others are choosing. Then, read through our best practices to learn how you can make these features work for your own dating logo. When you’re ready to commit, our AI-assisted logo generator is here for you. It’s free to try and fun to use—no strings attached.

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Dating logo best practices

Colorful Windows with Trees Indoors


Red might be the color of love, but it’s not your only option when choosing a palette for your dating app logo. Look for colors that reflect your users, what they’re like and what they’re seeking. Bright hues suit users looking for fun, while black and white create a more exclusive air. You’ll also want to check that your colors differ from direct competitors, to ensure customers don’t mistake their dating app for yours.

Phone Layout with Logo on Screen


You want your customers to love your logo as much as you do, so remember to put yourself in their shoes as you design. Logo layouts that are too complicated or hard to decipher on small screens can make it hard for customers to connect with your brand. Instead, opt for a simple layout that will look great across desktops, tablets, mobile devices, and anywhere else your users might be swiping.

Large Letter A on Rusted Background


When you’re searching for a font to commit to, don’t let looks blind you. The perfect font for your dating app logo will be more than just beautiful—it’ll also be legible across a variety of mediums. Whether you go with a flirty Script font, traditional Serif font, or adventurous Modern font, readability should be a top priority. Test for readability by simply scrolling through Looka’s mockups feature to see your dating site logo come to life.

Elaborate Ampersand Symbol on Crowded Desk


As you explore symbols for your dating logo, aim for something that captures the heart of your brand. For many dating apps, this heart comes in the form of, well, a heart symbol. If you want to stand out from the crowd, try using a less literal symbol. Once you’ve found a symbol you want to settle down with, make sure to check it’s compatible with your other logo elements.

Lightbulb against dark background - logo ideas special features

Special Features

If you’re looking to spice up your dating app logo, try Looka’s special features. Start by bringing your text and symbol closer together with advanced layout options. Symbol between text replaces space with a symbol. While symbol replace text lets you swap out a letter for a symbol. Create a more intimate design by closing the spacing between letters. Or go all the way by overlapping two letters from your name. Finally, put a ring (or rectangle) on it with a container. Containers offer the perfect finishing touch to stand out on app icons.

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