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Becoming a dentist takes years of training, but one thing they don’t teach you in dentistry school is how to brand your practice. A strong dental brand can build trust and attract patients to your practice. To create a brand that puts a smile on your patients’ faces, you need to start with a great dental logo. 

Get inspiration for your dental logo’s design by looking through our collection of dentistry logos from clinics and oral care brands of every size. Once you’ve brushed up on the colors, fonts, and colors other dental professionals are using to brand themselves, create your own logo using our AI-powered logo maker for free!

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Dental logo best practices

Logo Best Practices Color


While blue, green, grey, and white are all popular choices due to their associations with cleanliness and health, they’re not your only options.

The best colors for dental logos are those that resonate with your patients and stand out from the competition. Look for colors that reflect your services, while also creating an inviting and professional impression.

Logo Best Practices Layout


Your logo might appear on everything from your office signage, to pamphlets, to your website, so it needs to work in a variety of sizes. Choose a clean, simple layout that looks great at every size.

If you include a slogan and symbol in your dental logo, you might need to create a simplified version for applications like social media and business cards.

Logo Best Practices Typography


As you look for fonts for your dental logo, think about your patients. Your fonts should be—above all else—easy for patients to read and recognize.

A great way to ensure your logo stays legible at a variety of sizes is by using an all-caps serif typeface, which conveys expertise and professionalism to potentially nervous patients.

Serif typefaces are a good option for professional services like dentistry as they represent a sense of history and security.

Logo Best Practices Symbol


Many dental practices opt for one of a few classic symbols in their logos: smiles, teeth, and dental tools. These symbols do a great job of quickly communicating your services, but your competition might already be using them. If you want to differentiate your logo, look for symbols that take a more metaphorical approach to communicating what you do and how you make patients feel.

Logo Best Practices Special Features

Dental logo maker features

To make your dental logo really shine, try incorporating some of Looka’s special features into your design. All-white teeth? Great! All-white logo? Not so much. Add some sparkle to your color scheme with a color pair. Mix and match different colors for different parts of your name to create a professional-looking palette.

Want to convey precision and polish in your logo design? Try adding a container around your name, symbol, or entire logo. These sleek frames easily add a sense of structure to your logo. With a special feature or two, you’ll have a perfectly polished dental logo in no time.

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