Discord logo design

Whether you’re looking to study for school or stream video games, there’s a Discord server for just about everything. But as fun as the platform is, the default Discord icons tend to be a bit boring. Add some personality to your pixels, by creating a custom discord logo. 

Before you start crafting your own Discord logo, learn a bit more about what works for the platform. Get inspired, by browsing our collection of Discord icons from servers and users alike. Then, learn a bit more about the art of logo design, with Looka’s Discord design best practices. When you’re ready to begin branding your Discord account, use Looka’s logo maker to create the perfect design—in just a few clicks!

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Discord logo best practices

Colorful Windows with Trees Indoors


No matter how big your monitor(s), Discord icons are still relatively small. This means your color palette will need to be eye-catching, without being overwhelming. A striking, yet simple, color palette will make it easy for friends and fellow users to recognize your server at a glance. Try to stick to two high contrast, high saturation colors for your Discord logo. Any more colors and your logo will become too busy for Discord’s small-scale format.

Phone Layout with Logo on Screen


The same Discord size constraints that affect your color palette also affect your logo layout. So, when choosing your Discord logo’s format, minimal layouts work best. Skip the slogan, omit the container, and cut extra text. Instead of your full name, try a nickname or initials. Or, let your symbol do the talking—just like Discord does.

Large Letter A on Rusted Background


When it comes to Discord fonts, try to avoid anything too elaborate. Simple Sans Serif fonts are readable even at small sizes, making them a great fit for Discord icons. While it may not be the boldest font family, readability always trumps personality in logo design. If you’re craving something more attention-grabbing, a symbol can do the trick.

Elaborate Ampersand Symbol on Crowded Desk


While your colors, layout, and font might need to be pared down, your Discord symbol can be a bit bolder. Symbols can pack a powerful punch in just a few pixels. This makes them a great fit for Discord profile pictures. Look for symbols that either literally or metaphorically match how you use the app. Gamers might opt for controllers. While more studious types might include a book. Fandoms might look for a symbol from their favorite series. With the right symbol, you’re sure to make a great impression on every user!

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