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In the energy industry, building loyalty with customers takes more than just keeping their lights on. If you want to spark a connection with the customers on the other end of the power line, you need a brand that showcases your energy company’s reliability and innovation. Supercharge your company’s brand, with an energy logo that’s as powerful as the work you do. 

Before you start building out your energy company’s brand, explore our collection of energy logos from companies of every size and energy source. Learn what colors, layouts, fonts, and symbols others are using to create customer loyalty—as well as a few tips and tricks for using these features for your brand. When you’re ready to design your own energy logo, our easy-to-use logo maker is here to help—and free to try!

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Energy logo best practices

Colorful Windows with Trees Indoors


As you begin creating the color palette for your energy logo, look to the resources you use for inspiration. Blues work well for hydro-powered energy companies, while yellows are a popular choice among solar-powered companies, and greens are seen across a wide variety of renewable energy companies. Look for deep, saturated shades of your chosen colors, which add a sense of power and maturity to your logo’s design.

Phone Layout with Logo on Screen


Business cards, websites, bills—these are just a few of the places you’re likely to use your electricity company’s logo. To make sure your brand looks its best in every application, take a minute to scroll through Looka’s mockups feature. You’ll be able to see what your logo will look like across a wide variety of mediums and sizes, and ensure the logo layout you love is one that will work for your brand.

Large Letter A on Rusted Background


Power and reliability are the hallmarks of any great energy company. They also happen to be the hallmarks of a great energy logo’s fonts. Within the Sans-Serif family, you’ll find plenty of fonts that are up to the task. Look for fonts with thick lines and sharp corners, which will help to create a strong impression of your brand—while also being reliably readable across a wide variety of applications.

Elaborate Ampersand Symbol on Crowded Desk


Symbols are a great way to quickly communicate the source of your company’s energy to potential customers. A sun symbol for solar, a water symbol for hydro, a turbine symbol for wind, a leaf symbol for other renewable resources—there’s a symbol for every area of the energy sector. If you don’t fit into any one category, you can use more general symbols like lighting bolts, or go bold with an abstract symbol that represents the innovation and strength behind your energy logo.

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Special features

Liven up the look of your energy logo using Looka’s special features. If you’re not sure where to start, spark your imagination by scrolling through Looka’s suggested designs in the editor. Once you have your logo elements in place, experiment with spacing. To create a more dynamic design, try overlapping your symbol and text. Or make your symbol the star of the show by using the symbol replace text feature. With a few special features to power up your logo, you’ll be ready to go live in no time.

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