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Engineering is a profession of precision. With so much riding on your calculations being correct, you can’t afford to have a single digit or decimal point out of place. But in order for potential clients to trust your calculations, they first need to trust your brand. Demonstrate your engineering company’s dedication to precision with an engineering logo that’s as well-designed as the work your company does. 

In order to create a brand that measures up to the standards of your industry, you first need to understand what those standards are. Explore trends in engineering branding by browsing our collection of engineering logos from companies of every size and specialty. Then, learn how to apply industry trends to your own logo by reading through our engineering design best practices. When you’re ready to start constructing your company’s logo, our AI-assisted logo maker is the perfect tool for the job.

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Engineering logo best practices

Colorful Windows with Trees Indoors


Confidence. Intelligence. Reliability. These are the traits potential clients will be looking for in their prospective engineering firm. To convey these qualities at a glance, many engineer logos use a mix of blues and greens in their color palettes. Create a more mature impression of your company by using darker, more muted shades and pairing them with a plain white background. Or switch things up, by keeping your fonts white and using your chosen colors as your logo’s background.

Phone Layout with Logo on Screen


Engineering logos can appear on everything from massive machinery, to microchips, to business cards, to websites. So, as you look for logo layouts, focus on finding a layout that provides you with as much flexibility as possible. This means paring down your logo’s components and avoiding anything too complex. Minimalist logo layouts not only scale well, but also demonstrate the kind of straightforward sensibility clients expect from engineers.

Large Letter A on Rusted Background


Bold Sans-Serif fonts are a favorite in the engineering industry. These sturdy fonts create an impactful impression, while also lending a sense of strength to your brand. If you choose to go with a thinner font, try increasing the spacing between letters or using a larger symbol to balance your logo visually. Whether you go big and bold or thin and precise with your fonts, be sure to test for readability by reviewing your logo in Looka’s mockup feature.

Elaborate Ampersand Symbol on Crowded Desk


When selecting symbols, many engineering companies take inspiration from the kind of work their company does. For a mechanical engineering logo, this might mean including a gear symbol. For a civil engineering logo, this might look more like a bridge icon. Many companies opt instead to capture the spirit of their work, using angular, abstract symbols. For any symbol you consider, make sure it works with the rest of your logo to create a unified brand system.

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Special Features

Create an engineering logo that’s a cut above the rest using Looka’s special features. Containers and separators add structure to your logo. Opt for sharp corners and fine lines on these features to communicate precision and accuracy. For a more dynamic logo design, try the font and color pair options. These features let you vary the text within your engineering firm’s name—to show off every side of your services. Finally, for a bolder first impression, use the symbol replace text option. By swapping a letter for a symbol, you communicate multiple layers of meaning at once. Once you’ve found the special features that suit your engineering logo, you’re ready to take your design from prototype to final product.

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