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Our planet needs help and people like you are answering the call, creating new movements and organizations to heal the environment. But tackling the climate crisis is far from a one-person job, so you’ll need a way to attract like-minded activists and advocates to your environmental organization. Take your cause from grassroots to global, with an environment logo that can grow with you. 

Before you begin designing your environmental logo, get the lay of the land. Explore our collection of logos from environmental organizations of all focuses, to see how others are branding and growing their causes. Once you’ve learned what colors, symbols, and fonts resonate with donors and volunteers, create your own environment logo using our AI-powered logo maker. It’s easy, fun, and free to try!

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Environment logo best practices

Colorful Windows with Trees Indoors


When you’re creating an environment logo, there’s no better way to go than green. Green is by far the most popular color among eco-friendly companies, as it’s typically associated with nature, plant life, and healing. For organizations working with water or air pollution, a splash of blue can conjure up images of the sea and sky. If you really want to stand out in a sea of green and blue logos, try adding a bright contrasting color to your logo.

Phone Layout with Logo on Screen


Depending on the nature of your marketing and publicity strategy, your environmental logo might appear on everything from protest signs, to television segments, to websites, to social media. To give your brand the flexibility you need to work across a wide variety of mediums, keep your logo layout simple. By avoiding anything too busy, you can ensure your logo will communicate your cause clearly—everywhere you use it.

Large Letter A on Rusted Background


Keep things clean in your logo, by choosing a font without too many design details or flourishes. Sans-Serif fonts are a popular choice in this industry, with their simple silhouettes and sharp lines. If you want your environmental cause to seem more approachable for volunteers or donors, try using a more rounded Script font for your logo. For any font you consider, be sure to step back from your screen to test for readability.

Elaborate Ampersand Symbol on Crowded Desk


Many environment logos feature animal and plant symbols, to quickly communicate the cause their organization stands for. If you want to take a less literal route, try an abstract shape that captures the feeling of your brand’s work. Swooshes might conjure waves, while circles can evoke the earth. As you design, make sure your symbol matches the rest of your logo’s features, to create a balanced ecosystem within your brand.

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Special Features

Create an environmentalist logo that will grow with your brand using Looka’s special features. Font and color pairs let you mix and match text styles, adding visual diversity to your logo. If it’s structure you’re after, try adding a container. To give your symbol roots, try connecting it to your brand’s name. With symbol replace text and symbol overlap text, you create a symbiotic relationship between the verbal and visual elements of your logo. With the right special features, you’ll create an enviro logo that can sustain your brand for years to come.

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