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In the blink of an eye, potential customers form their first impression of your eyelash business. Make the most of those first moments, by building a beautiful brand—starting with a standout eyelash logo. With the right logo, you can tell customers everything they need to know about your skills and style at a glance. 

Before you set your sights on designing your eyelash logo, explore how other lash companies are branding themselves. Browse our collection of logos from eyelash extension, tinting, and perming businesses, to see what designs are trending in the eyelash industry. After you’ve gotten a little logo inspiration, create your own eyelash logo using Looka’s logo maker. It’s free to try—and fun to use!

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Eyelash logo best practices

Colorful Windows with Trees Indoors


Your lash logo’s color palette should reflect the way your services make customers feel—in a word, beautiful. But beauty is often in the eye of the beholder, so be sure to consider your customers' unique personalities and tastes as you select a palette. Whether you go with pretty pastels, bold and bright hues, or a modern monochrome palette, your palette should speak to your customers, while also standing out against the competition.

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Choosing the best layout for your logo means finding a format that will work across your eyelash brand’s marketing mediums. A layout that looks great on store signage might lose some detail on business cards, so remember to review any potential logo layouts using Looka’s mockups feature. With a layout that turns heads in every medium, you can start marketing your lash services with confidence.

Large Letter A on Rusted Background


Your logo’s fonts can quickly convey your company’s personality, so look for fonts that reflect the style and spirit of your services. Many eyelash logos use Script fonts to wink at a playful side, while some use Serif fonts to create a classic look, and others use Sans Serif fonts to add a more modern feel. If no one font feels like the right fit for your company, try using multiple fonts in your logo.

Elaborate Ampersand Symbol on Crowded Desk


When it comes to lash logo symbols, the eyes have it. Many companies use eye or eyelash icons as a way to quickly communicate the work their business does. If you want to take a less literal route, try using symbols that reflect the shape of eyes and lashes—like leaves, feathers, or circles. Whatever symbol you select, make sure it suits your other logo elements, to create a beautiful first impression of your business.

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Special Features

Give your eyelash logo a boost using Looka’s special features. For a playful touch, try font and color pairs. These features let you blend multiple text styles in your name, to show off every side of your brand. Looking to add definition to a particular part of your lash logo? Containers draw the eye to different elements, so you can put your name or symbol in focus. For an eye-catching finishing touch, try using the symbol replace text feature. With a full set of special features, you’ll be ready to bring your eyelash brand to life.

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