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Nothing brings people together like family! Whether you’re catering family events, photographing family moments, or just need a logo for a family reunion, creating a family logo illustrates the warmth of familial ties. Make everyone feel at home with a unique family logo!

Before you begin with your family logo design, it helps to get some guidance from similar logos. First, explore our collection of family logo designs. Then, read through our best practices to learn how best to use the colors, layouts, fonts, symbols, and special features favored by this industry. When you’re ready to start, our easy-to-use logo maker is here to help—and free to try!

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Family logo best practices

Colorful Windows with Trees Indoors


When designing your family logo, look for colors that resemble the unique traits of a family! Bright primary colors and soft pastel shades are both popular choices for companies in this industry since they’re typically associated with happiness. Blue creates a calming effect, while red delivers a sense of excitement. While building your palette, limit yourself to a few colors at most so that your logo doesn’t look messy!

Phone Layout with Logo on Screen


Will your brand need labels and tags? Will your event need a website? Think about where your logo is likely to appear and look for formats that work for those applications. A family emblem could resemble a family crest, and work well on both print and digital mediums. If you’re unsure of which layout will work best, stick with something simple and scalable.

Large Letter A on Rusted Background


Many family logo designs feature fonts with rounded lines and softened corners, to create feelings of comfort and welcoming. But softening your fonts can sometimes cause a decrease in readability, so be sure to test your logo’s legibility at different sizes. Script and handwritten fonts are often used to create a comfortable feel while serif fonts feel classic and sophisticated.

Elaborate Ampersand Symbol on Crowded Desk


Consider your family's personality and choose an abstract icon to represent that. Monograms are commonly used in logos to represent a family name in branding. Symbols with parents or children are an obvious choice for family logos. For any symbol you consider, follow the same rules as your font. Keep it simple and stylistically the same as your font to create a more harmonious impression of your brand.

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Special Features

When creating family logo ideas, try incorporating some of Looka’s special features. Features such as color pairs, stacked text, and using symbols between words can be a great way to customize your family logo. After playing around with Looka’s editor, your logo will look just as good as Big Brothers Big Sisters!

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