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In the financial services industry, a strong track record is your best asset in attracting new clients. To convey your company’s history and capabilities at a glance, you need to build a brand that reflects your experience and expertise—starting with a high-performing finance logo. 

Before you jump into designing your logo, it’s best to begin by auditing the competition. Explore our collection of logos from financial services companies of every size and kind, to see what symbols, colors, and fonts other organizations are using to build trust and gain clients. When you’re ready to invest in a financial logo of your own, try our easy-to-use logo generator for free!

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Finance logo best practices

Colorful Windows with Trees Indoors


A diversified portfolio might be a good thing, but a diversified palette is not. To convey experience and confidence in your logo, keep your company’s color palette simple. Red and blue are both popular options, given their associations with power and intelligence. Many finance companies opt to include only one color in their logo, leaving the rest of their logo’s features black or white.

Phone Layout with Logo on Screen


Whether you run a hedge fund that regularly sends out printed performance reports or a fintech company that operates entirely online, the right logo layout will suit the mediums your business uses most. However, those most-used mediums might change over time. To ensure your finance logo will work well in a wide variety of mediums and sizes, opt for a clean, minimalist layout.

Large Letter A on Rusted Background


To create a professional impression with your financial services logo, you need a suitably professional font. For many finance companies, this means choosing fonts from the Serif or Sans-Serif families. Fonts from these families feature clean, crisp lines that help to add a sense of maturity to your logo. For any font you consider, remember to test for readability, to ensure clients can easily read and recall your name.

Elaborate Ampersand Symbol on Crowded Desk


While there are a few obvious finance symbol options, you should feel free to get creative. Instead of symbols like coins, dollar signs, or charts, look for something that reflects what sets your company apart. An international finance company might choose a globe or map shape, while a company specializing in long-term investment might choose a tree or mountain. For any symbol you select, make sure it matches your other logo elements to create a cohesive look.

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