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Few symbols evoke as much power as the element of fire. Flame imagery radiates energy, symbolizing wisdom, transformation, and a primal force that has captivated humanity for centuries. Many industries incorporate fire into their logos, including entertainment, food, sports, technology, and toys. A well-designed fire logo is versatile and can infuse your brand with intensity and passion like nothing else.

Not sure which logo is right for your business? For inspiration, browse our collection of fire logo ideas from various companies and industries. Discover which winning colors, fonts, and symbols other businesses are using and learn how to incorporate these design elements into your own logo. When you’re ready to create a red-hot fire logo, try out our AI logo generator for free!

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Fire logo best practices

Logo Best Practices Color


Vibrant and eye-catching hues are a natural fit for fire logos. Deep orange is a classic choice for fire-related imagery, symbolizing energy, intensity, and warmth. Incorporating blue, green, purple, or yellow is also popular with companies using a fire logo. One famous example is the Firefox logo, which features an orange fox with a flame-like tail surrounding a blue Earth. Choose two to three colors that align with your brand’s identity to create a captivating look that stands out and attracts attention.

Logo Best Practices Layout


There are many excellent examples of companies playing with the flame creatively in their fire logos. By incorporating unique shapes (like Doritos triangular frame), opting for an iconic flame concept (like Hot Wheels’ fiery banner), or blending fire with other elements (like the Calgary Flames' stylized "C," incorporating text with flames), you can create a visually striking and memorable fire logo that effectively represents your brand. Consider where you'll use the logo most and ensure it works well in various sizes and applications, whether on uniforms, product packaging, or a web page.

Logo Best Practices Typography


The right typography for a fire logo should complement the flames' dynamic and energetic nature while maintaining legibility at various sizes, whether on your company website or team scoreboard. Opt for bold, sans-serif fonts to convey strength and modernity, which pairs well with dynamic flame visuals. Serif fonts exude stability and timeless appeal and can add a touch of vintage aesthetics to your logo. Also, consider script fonts for a touch of elegance and fluidity. Script typography can add a sense of motion and mimic the dance of flames.

Logo Best Practices Symbol


Flame icons are a popular choice for companies using a fire logo (like Tinder's gradient flame, the US Open's flaming tennis ball, and Zippo's lighter). Others incorporate animals or mythological creatures, such as Firefox's fox and Fireball Cinnamon Whisky's fire-breathing dragon. Choose scalable symbols that will make an impact on various surfaces and at different sizes, effectively communicating your brand’s message.

Logo Best Practices Special Features

Special Features

Incorporate some of Looka’s special features to make a smoldering fire logo. Try a gradient of orange, red, and yellow to evoke the hues of a flame. Position a flame symbol between two words in your company name, or use metallic foil to add a fiery finish to your logo with gold, silver, copper, bronze, or steel touches.

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