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Ready for the next cookout? Burger fanatics can always find an occasion to dig in, whether it’s from their own home barbeque, grabbing on the go, or dining out. So whichever type of burger joint or business you run - be it food trucks, restaurants, or a specific brand of gourmet patties - it’s essential to get your crowd excited for the next bite. To attract that line of hungry customers eager to grill, you’ll need a logo with all the fixings first.

Not sure which logo type best suits your business? Gain inspiration by browsing an ideal selection of burger logos from our menu. Find out which sizzling colors, fonts, and symbols work well for this industry, along with best practices for how to use them. When you’re ready to toss those design skills onto the burners, test out our AI-assisted logo maker for free!

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Burger logo best practices

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When you’re craving a juicy burger, specific colors will naturally come to mind. Whether you run a fast food chain, or an independent vegan spot, certain colors ring true no matter which patty type is at hand. As you turn your sights to toppings, it’s easy to picture greens, yellows, reds, and oranges. You might choose to incorporate some (or all) of these colors into your logo to represent your menu and ignite the senses. As you select your colors, be sure to check them against the competition and serve up your own distinctive flavor.

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You may run a burger shop that requires custom labels, own a burger truck with a branded vehicle, or operate a restaurant with stacks of menus. Regardless of your business type, it’s likely your burger logo will be seen across multiple mediums. As you plan out your burger logo, think about where you’ll be using it most and choose a layout accordingly. A logo’s layout should complement, not detract, from your other business details and designs.

Large Letter A on Rusted Background


Your font choice can have a great impact on your burger brand, so select a typeface that demonstrates what you’re plating. There isn’t a singular style standard when it comes to burger logos, however there are certain font guidelines to follow. Be sure to test for legibility at all sizes in order to be as memorable as possible. When the burger craving hits, you want your customers to remember you and quickly pick you out from competitors.

Elaborate Ampersand Symbol on Crowded Desk


To really get stomachs grumbling, burger logos typically include symbols of actual burgers. But that doesn’t mean they all look the same. For instance, burger icons can be geometric or organic in shape and line. The style of your burger symbol can help differentiate your business from others out there. If you decide to go for an abstract icon instead, just be sure it suits the rest of your burger logo, to create a brand as delicious as the patty it represents. Select a symbol that truly matches your menu as well as your logo’s design elements.

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With Looka’s special features, you can flip, wrap, and serve up your burger logo to perfection. Add some spices to your design by using a font or color pair to break up your brand’s name. A container may help platter your burger logo nicely, so you could test out a border for some structure. By incorporating some of these special features, you’ll create the perfect logo that satisfies every burger appetite.

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