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With handfuls of bakeries and cookie shops around today, you’ll need to set yours apart from the other batches—which is where cookie logos come in. Whether you’re a vegan baker, run a gluten-free bake shop, or own a cookie company known for its buttery, floury goods, you’ll want to whip up excitement from your crowds. But before customers even smell the dough wafting from your mixers and ovens, you’ll need to get them in the door first. So to grab their attention, you’ll want a logo with only the best filling and ingredient combinations.

Discover the recipe for a perfect cookie logo by exploring Looka’s cookie branding resources. Browse our library of logos from bakeries, cookie shops, and cookie companies around the world. Then, read through our design best practices to see which logo features are the ideal mixtures for this industry. When you’re ready to knead and combine your cookie’s logo, Looka’s AI-powered logo maker is the perfect tool for the job. It’s as fun as mixing your ingredients - and as easy as preheating the oven.

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Cookie logo best practices

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Cookie logo color schemes don’t follow just one set of baking instructions. You’ll find cookie and baking logo colors of all varieties worldwide. One element that is often seen is the use of color, versus a black and white option. A colorful cookie logo will help catch the eye of any sweets lover out there and ignite their senses. Since candies and desserts come in many shades and hues, you may choose to select one or two to keep your cookie logo vibrant, yet simple. On the other hand, a swirl of colors will similarly delight your customers’ palettes.

Phone Layout with Logo on Screen


Think about where your logo is likely to appear and look for formats that work for those applications. Will your cookies need branded boxes or a delivery truck? Perhaps your sweet treats need paper bags or stickers? Will your cookie or bake shop need brick-and-mortar or online signage? If you’re unsure of which layout will work best for your company, stick with something deliciously simple and scalable.

Large Letter A on Rusted Background


Many cookie shops, bakeries, and cookie businesses use their fonts to create a warm and comfortable feel. To do so, script and serif fonts are typically the top choices. If you want to whip up something a little bit different, test out other font families to see if they blend well with your brand. Just be sure to test for readability so that customers can easily read your name. This will help them remember your brand—and your batch of goodies.

Elaborate Ampersand Symbol on Crowded Desk


Think of icons as the chocolate chips or sprinkles of your cookie logo, adding that extra sweet touch to your brand. While a symbol is not a requirement, some cookie companies and bake shops choose to include one. Certain businesses take a more literal route, using specific cookie or baking imagery like rolling pins or a half-bitten cookie symbol. Others include a personalized mascot, such as a cartoon baker or animal. Some may go a simpler route with the addition of a shape, such as a star. If you do choose to have a symbol, make sure it matches your other logo features, to create a scrumptiously balanced logo for your cookie brand.

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Special Features

When designing a logo that speaks to your cookie brand, try incorporating some of Looka’s special features, such as putting a symbol between your text like a cookie sandwich. You may also try color gradients, or stacked text, for eye-catching effects. These can be great ways to showcase your personality and stand out amongst your competitors. After mixing it up with different features in Looka’s editor, you’ll be on the rise in no time.

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