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Whether you're head chef of a restaurant, run a cookware shop, or sell your own food brand, the way you slice and dice in the kitchen matters. And when it comes to building your brand’s visuals, the way they’re assembled counts just as much. Cooking up a storm or getting your grill fired up can only mean one thing - hungry diners are on the way. But before you can seat customers, serve a party, or boil up that next pot, food lovers need to know about you. So to get your crowd saying, “yes, chef!” you’ll need a logo with the right marinade first.

Need to decide which logo best suits your business? Find inspiration by browsing our collection of logos from a handful of cooking companies around the globe. Discover which delectable colors, fonts, and symbols other cooking businesses are using and learn how to grate them perfectly into your own logo. When you’re ready to fry up your cooking logo, test out our AI-assisted logo maker for free!

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Cooking logo best practices

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When selecting a color palette for your cooking logo, consider the colors found in your cuisine. Draw inspiration from your menu to give customers a taste of your cooking. Omnivorous restaurants may choose a combination of meatier reds and leafy greens. Strictly vegan or vegetarian spots may lean towards sky blues, floral colors, or simply monochromatic green tones. If you’re cooking up recipes for a spice-loving crowd, yellows, oranges, and red combinations are delightfully appropriate. Whichever color scheme you whip up, be sure it reflects your specialties.

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Whether you’re a cooking company, private chef, or restaurant owner, you’ll need to market yourself across many mediums. From business cards and delivery trucks, to your website and menus, your logo should look its best everywhere it's served. For a cooking logo that truly sizzles, opt for an attractive, uncomplicated layout. Allow your brand to stand out on every application—just like your platters. With a memorable layout, your logo will never be missed by a hungry audience.

Large Letter A on Rusted Background


Fonts can help communicate your cooking company’s style and offerings. An elegant restaurant may include formal scripts, whereas more relaxed eateries might lean towards simplistic, sans serif typefaces. If you serve up a mix of flavors, a combination of fonts may be the perfect seasoning for your cooking logo. No matter your fare, just be sure your typeface matches what your cooking business has to offer. With the right font choice, your logo will be able to keep style and legibility in harmony.

Elaborate Ampersand Symbol on Crowded Desk


While you can’t cover every plate or menu item in a single visual, try to communicate your specialty through your symbol. If you’re a private chef or run a catering business, culinary icons like rolling pins, whisks, chefs hats, or bowls may be the right option. If you own a restaurant, you may showcase a specific ingredient or utensil that ignites the senses, like an onion, herbs, a fork twirling pasta, or a pepper grinder. Symbols are a helpful way to demonstrate what sets your cookery apart. Just be sure to find icons that match your offering—as well as your logo’s other design elements.

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Special Features

If you’re looking to add an extra dollop to your logo, include some of Looka’s special features. If you have a longer company name, your logo could be julienned to perfection with the stack text option. You may even choose to place your symbol between two words, giving your logo an appetizing flare. For the final course, whisk in a letter replacement, using a symbol in place of a letter. With the inclusion of the right special features, you’ll create a logo that simmers perfectly for all of your customers.

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