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If your favorite day of the week is sundae, you've come to the right place. Sometimes there’s nothing more fun than lining up for a chilled treat on a warm summer’s day. But as a business owner, how do you get this sweets-craving crowd to step inside your parlor, or snag a tub of your ice cream? Before any iced dessert fanatic can dig their spoon in, you’ll need their sights to be set on you first. No matter what your ice cream specialty is, you want customers to be dreaming about your next scoop. So to grab hold of their taste buds first, a logo with all the best sprinkles is in order.

Need to decide which logo complements your company? Get inspired by browsing our library of ice cream logos from a bundle of ice cream shops and businesses worldwide. Find out which luscious colors, fonts, and symbols other ice cream companies are using and discover how to blend them into your own logo. When the time comes to churn up your ice cream logo, test out our AI-assisted logo maker for free!

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Ice cream logo best practices

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When it comes to selecting the right colors for your ice cream logo, keep it cool and sweet. Fortunately, in the world of ice cream, this could mean many different things. Since ice cream comes in a variety of flavors and formats, all colors of the rainbow may come to mind. Shades of brown, white, pink, and blue are frequently seen in ice cream logos, signifying popular flavors like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and Neapolitan. There are also some differentiating, yet equally satisfying, color options to choose from, like orange, black, or purple, which may suggest specialty toppings, sauces, and sprinkle options. Whichever color scheme you mix together, be sure it reflects your mouth-watering offerings.

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To ensure your logo is hitting its best angle at every distance, think about the different mediums it will be placed on—and choose a layout accordingly. For your ice cream logo, this could mean ice cream tubs and containers, trucks, stickers, cone wraps, websites, and social media. To fit all of these applications clearly, be sure your layout is both appetizing and distinctive, so it never melts away from viewers.

Large Letter A on Rusted Background


Your font of choice will express what’s getting churned up before it gets served, so choose a typeface that showcases your brand effectively. Whether you’re known for gelato, ice cream cake, affogato, or a signature banana split, the right font can help send a message about your offerings. Ice cream brands often vary when it comes to font families, from sans serif to more formal scripts. Ice cream trucks or larger chains may have bolder, wider fonts, whereas certain ice cream brands sold at grocery stores may lean towards unique font styles for their tubs. Just be sure your choice matches what your ice cream business has to offer.

Elaborate Ampersand Symbol on Crowded Desk


When people visualize their favorite chilled delights, certain symbols ring true. Ice cream logos will often have symbols and illustrations that include ice cream components for a tasty effect. For ice cream brands known for their high-quality milk ingredients, icons like grazing cows, a milk glass, or fields of grass may hit the point home. For ice cream businesses that stand out for their variety of flavors, more literal symbols such as ice cream scoops on a cone might work best. Symbols are a helpful way to demonstrate what sets your ice cream company apart. The key is to find icons that match your offering—as well as your logo’s other design elements.

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Special Features

With the help of Looka’s special features, you can top up your ice cream logo with a few sweet additions. For instance, your logo may be given the candy coating it needs by including a container or separator. You may even choose to place your symbol between two words, giving your logo a sumptuous emphasis - not unlike an ice cream sandwich. For a bonus treat, consider adding a monogram symbol. With the inclusion of the right special features, you’ll create a truly melt-in-your-mouth logo for all of your customers.

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