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Create a football logo that plays as hard as you do! A strong team logo will look great on your uniform and help your team stand out from the competition. our logo won’t sit on the sidelines: it’s a fundamental part of your team’s branding. So make sure it’s a perfect match for your team’s name and image.

Explore other team logos below and find options that match your team’s spirit. Then, read our best practices for ideas on how to use colors, fonts, and symbols to better represent your football team. When you’re ready for kick-off, use Looka’s logo maker. Game on!

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Football logo best practices

Colorful Windows with Trees Indoors


A color palette is especially important in a football logo because it represents your team and fans. Aside from the logo, your colors will be used in your uniform and other merchandise. Opt for saturated colors that are as bold and energetic as your quarterback. Most importantly avoid your rivals’ colors at all costs.

Phone Layout with Logo on Screen


When choosing the layout of your football logo, think about where it’ll be used. It’s important that your logo looks just as nice on your jersey as it does on the jumbotron. There are no hard rules, but football logos normally prioritize the emphasis on the symbol over the team name.

Large Letter A on Rusted Background


Sans-serif typefaces are usually the best option for football team logos, as they are bolder than serif fonts, and thus easier to read from afar. Extra points for using all caps if you really want to go big.

Elaborate Ampersand Symbol on Crowded Desk


The symbol is the most important part of your football logo, as it will be strongly associated with your team. Lots of teams choose to feature their mascot in their logo, while others prefer to use a monogram or an abstract symbol. Whatever your choice, make sure it ties well with your colors and typeface.

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