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Fitness comes in many different forms, with as many different kinds of gyms to match. Whatever type of workout your gym focuses on, a great gym logo will help you flex on the competition and get members pumped up.

Before you can start building your visual brand, you need to warm up. Focus on the fundamentals, by reviewing our gym logo design best practices. Or take notes on the competition, by exploring our gallery of logos from gyms of every size and speed. Once you’ve finished training, put your skills to the test by designing your own gym logo using Looka’s AI-powered online logo maker. It’s free to try and easy-to-use—to take your brand from amateur to Olympic champ in minutes.

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Gym logo best practices

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Whip your gym logo into shape with a strong color palette. Bold reds and blues convey power, yellows and greens add energy, while black and white display discipline. As you select your brand colors, think about the type of exercise and atmosphere offered at your gym. The right brand colors can give members a sense of what it means to belong to your gym—before they even break a sweat.

Phone Layout with Logo on Screen


When you’re designing a gym’s layout, everything needs a place. The same goes for your gym’s logo. Look for logo layouts that give your name, slogan, symbol, and container sufficient space to spread out. Within this space, you'll want to focus on your logo's core. For some gyms, this might mean putting your symbol in the spotlight. For others, it might mean your name takes the top spot. Whatever logo layout you consider, check Looka’s mockup feature to make sure it works across mediums.

Large Letter A on Rusted Background


Your gym logo’s font can speak volumes about your brand—so choose your words carefully! Bold, all-caps fonts communicate energy and intensity. Slender, widely-spaced fonts add a sense of grace and precision. Simple Sans Serifs show a focus on the fundamentals. Your gym’s area of expertise should guide your gym's fonts. But you should also consider readability across mediums and sizes. By balancing readability and personality, your logo will be at peak performance.

Elaborate Ampersand Symbol on Crowded Desk


If you need gym symbol inspiration, take a lap around your gym. Gym equipment like barbells and bicycles are popular options. Some gym logos take a more bodily approach, featuring muscle and weightlifter symbols. Others go abstract, choosing shapes to capture movement and strength. Whether you go literal or abstract, make sure your symbol fits the rest of your logo. A logo that matches from color to symbol will make a strong impression anywhere you use it.

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Special Features

To pump up your gym logo for knockout branding, incorporate some of Looka’s special features. Features such as gradients, symbol replacing letter, and stacked text can be a great way to show off your muscles and stand out amongst your competitors. After playing around with Looka’s editor, your gym or fitness center logo will be looking as strong as Equinox, SoulCycle, CrossFit or LA Fitness. 

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