Hair Salon logo design

Whether you’re adding extensions, trying out a new color, or cutting it all off, a fresh hairstyle can completely transform your look—and your outlook. But before clients can trust you with their tresses, you need to build a brand that speaks to your style and skill. Create a head-turning brand for your business, starting with a standout hair salon logo. 

Ensure your salon’s logo makes the cut, by checking out the competition in our hair salon logo gallery. See how popular hair product, accessory, and salon companies are branding themselves and learn how best to use this industry’s favorite colors, fonts, layouts, and symbols in your own logo. When you’re ready to make your own salon logo, our online logo maker is the perfect tool for the job.

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Hair Salon logo best practices

Colorful Windows with Trees Indoors


As you comb through potential color palettes for your hair salon’s branding, keep your clientele in mind. Are they young and trendy? Stylish and creative? Established and professional? Look for colors that reflect your clients’ personalities, as well as the way your hair services and products aim to make them feel. If you want to create a fun and friendly impression, try neon or pastel shades. If it’s a high-end look you’re after, give black and white a go.

Phone Layout with Logo on Screen


When you’re choosing a layout for your hair salon’s logo, think about the mediums where you’ll be using your logo most. Whether that means social media, signage, or shampoo bottles, focus on finding a layout that will work well in the sizes and mediums your brand favors. If you’re unsure of what looks best, Looka’s mockup feature lets you see your logo on everything from business cards, to T-shirts, to stationery—before you click ‘buy’.

Large Letter A on Rusted Background


The right font will reflect your salon's sense of style, and give potential clients a taste of what your shears might have in store for them. Serif fonts can convey more timeless tastes, while Sans-Serif fonts create a more contemporary impression. You can even take inspiration from the hair types and styles you’re known for, such as Script fonts for curl-focused salons, or Modern fonts for salons specializing in structural haircuts.

Elaborate Ampersand Symbol on Crowded Desk


Many hair brands opt out of including a symbol in their logo, putting the focus instead on their company name. If you choose to use a symbol in your hair salon logo, look for something that reflects the type of work you do, while also matching your logo’s other elements. Some popular options include symbols like scissors, combs, and hair silhouettes, along with less literal options like animals and plants.

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