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With some new furniture, a few choice pieces of decor, and a fresh coat of paint, interior designers can turn a house into a home. But before clients can open their doors to you, they need to trust that your design sense suits their own. Show off your signature style, with an interior design logo that captures the look and feel of your work. 

Before you lay the blueprints for your interior design brand, take a look through our gallery of interior design logos. Get an idea of what the competition is up to, then read through our best practices to learn how best to use the interior design industry’s favorite colors, layouts, fonts, and symbols in your own logo. When you’re ready to create an interior design logo with curb appeal, try our AI-assisted logo creator for free!

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Interior design logo best practices

Colorful Windows with Trees Indoors


Color is often the first thing people notice about a room—and the same goes for a logo. Look for a color palette that reflects your interior design work, whether that’s classic and neutral or modern and bright. Many interior design logos keep their color schemes black and white, which adds an air of luxury to their brand. If you go the black and white route, a small pop of color can do wonders to distinguish your logo from similarly monochrome competitors.

Phone Layout with Logo on Screen


The most important factor to consider when choosing a layout is where and how you plan on using your logo. Depending on the mediums you’ll be using to market your interior design business, some layouts will work better than others. To create a logo that will look just as good on your design firm’s business cards as it does on building signage, stick with a simple logo layout. Minimalist layouts scale well, making them the most flexible option.

Large Letter A on Rusted Background


Your font can speak volumes about your design sensibility and give potential clients an idea of what your portfolio has in store. Serif fonts work well for classically inclined interior designers, while Script fonts suit more fanciful styles, and Sans-Serif fonts complement modern designs. As you select fonts for your interior design logo, pay attention to the lines and silhouettes of the letters, looking for something that echoes the design details of your decor work.

Elaborate Ampersand Symbol on Crowded Desk


Interior design symbols tend to fall into two camps: literal and abstract. While literal symbols (like doors, houses, and windows) quickly convey what you do, abstract symbols (like geometric shapes and lines) create more of a high-end feel. Depending on what you want your symbol to communicate, you might choose one type over the other. For any symbol you consider, follow the same rules you would when designing a room, and ensure its colors, shapes, and lines match your logo’s other elements.

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