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It’s official: click-and-order is the new brick-and-mortar. With more and more consumers choosing to shop from the comfort of their homes, online stores are facing fierce competition to catch the attention of online shoppers. To stand out from other digital storefronts, you need a strong brand—starting with a well-designed online shop logo. 

If you need logo ideas for your online store, you’ve come to the right page! We’ve curated a collection of online shop logos from some of the biggest names in eCommerce, so you can see the colors, fonts, and symbols others are using to turn window shoppers into loyal customers. Once you’re ready to design your own logo, try our easy-to-use, AI-assisted logo maker for free!

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Online Shop logo best practices

Colorful Windows with Trees Indoors


Create the right first impression for first-time shoppers by choosing colors that reflect your brand’s offering and inventory. Are your products bright and cheerful or dark and moody? Vintage and eclectic or modern and minimalist? With the right color palette, customers will get a sense of what your store has in stock just by looking at your business logo.

Phone Layout with Logo on Screen


While your shop’s logo will obviously need to look good online, your logo layout should work for a variety of mediums. This means choosing a layout that can scale up or down without compromising its design. If you aren’t sure what will work best, go back to basics. A clean, simple layout will look just as good on printed product packaging as it will on your online storefront’s site banner.

Large Letter A on Rusted Background


If you want customers to come back to your store, they need to be able to remember your name—which is why having a highly readable font for your online shop logo is essential. Look for fonts with clean, sharp lines, like those in the Sans-Serif typeface family. If you’re unsure of a font’s readability, step back from your computer to see whether your logo remains legible from a distance.

Elaborate Ampersand Symbol on Crowded Desk


Logo symbols offer a quick way to communicate your online shop’s offering. As you consider symbols, look for something that matches your shop’s products as well as your store logo’s other design elements. With a symbol that matches your inventory and your overall brand, you create a more cohesive shopping experience for customers—to keep them coming back for more.

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Special Features

Online shop logos are often working with limited space, so you need to get creative if you want to stand out. Luckily, Looka has a few eCommerce-ready features in the editor. Get more out of a small screen by choosing the stacked text option. Need to make your favicon pop? Try adding a container around your logo. Speaking of favicons, Looka’s Brand Kit allows you to create symbol-only and transparent background versions of your logo. Perfect for branding even the smallest areas of your online store.

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