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Whether you’re just starting a podcast or starting to take the podcast you already have seriously, a great brand will help you to catch the eye (and ear) of new listeners. Grow your reach and subscriber count by creating a brand that captures your unique sound and story—starting with a standout podcast logo. 

Listen up! Before you can design a logo that will have your audience tuning in every time you upload a new episode, you need to understand what makes a good podcast logo. Browse our collection of logos from podcasts of every genre, to see the design features others are using to create loyal listeners. Once you’ve checked out the competition, make your own logo using our easy-to-use logo maker!

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Podcast logo best practices

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Podcast logos come in every color of the rainbow, which means you'll have the full spectrum to choose from as you build your podcast’s palette. Look for colors that reflect the topic and tone of your content. Are you bright and cheery? Or dark and serious? For any colors you consider, be sure to test for contrast. Since your logo will likely be appearing on mobile devices, you’ll want the contrast to be high enough to ensure your logo remains visible on even the smallest screens.

Phone Layout with Logo on Screen


As you consider layouts for your logo, you’ll also need to consider one very important constraint. On most hosting platforms—including big players like iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud—podcast cover art is typically square. While designing your logo, look for layouts that will fit well within a square and avoid anything too long or wide, which could get cut off or shrunk down when you try to use your logo on your chosen hosting platforms.

Large Letter A on Rusted Background


Like color, typography is closely tied to the topic and tone of your podcast. Look for fonts that reflect your unique voice—whether that’s quirky and comedic, heartfelt and creative, or informative and intellectual. For any font you consider, be sure to step back and test it for readability. Even if a particular font looks perfectly legible on your computer screen, it might not be so clear on your listeners’ smartphones.

Elaborate Ampersand Symbol on Crowded Desk


While headphones and microphones might seem like the obvious choices for podcast icons, they don’t communicate much about your content. To create a logo that lets listeners know what’s in store, look for symbols that reflect your podcast’s unique appeal. Aside from matching your content, your podcast logo’s symbol should also match your other design elements—to create a logo your listeners will remember.

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Special Features

Before your podcast can catch listeners’ ears, your podcast logo needs to catch their eyes. Stand out from the sea of noise by using a few of Looka’s special design features. Stacked text creates the perfect fit for the square cover art displays of most major podcasting platforms. If you’re looking to add visual impact while also saving space, try adding a font or color pair for your logo’s text. Want to put your name in the spotlight? A container works to frame your logo’s central elements and draw the eye to your name. With a few of Looka’s special features, you’ll have a 5-star logo in no time.

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