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To run a successful political campaign, you need to connect with voters in a meaningful way. While a strong platform, clear values, and charismatic presentation all contribute to your party’s appeal, it takes a great brand to tie your campaign together. To create a strong brand for your political campaign, you need to start with a strong political logo. 

Take a look through our gallery of logo designs from political parties of all sizes and sides of the aisle, to see how others are building brands and winning votes. Once you’ve learned the colors, fonts, and symbols that speak to voters, build your own political logo using our AI-powered logo maker!

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Political logo best practices

Colorful Windows with Trees Indoors


In politics, logo colors are usually a matter of party allegiances. While you might be limited in which colors you can use in your logo, you can still get creative with saturation and shade. Brighter tones are seen as more progressive, while more muted tints give an established feel. If you’re running as an independent, make sure your logo’s colors are significantly different from your competitors, to set your campaign apart.

Phone Layout with Logo on Screen


From front lawn signs, to websites, to buttons, to news coverage, political logos need to be ready to appear in a wide variety of sizes and mediums. Make sure your logo is ready for the campaign trail by opting for a clean, minimal logo layout as you design. That way, your logo will be able to scale more easily—and look picture perfect at every photo-op.

Large Letter A on Rusted Background


To create a powerful political campaign logo, you need a powerful font. Look for fonts in a heavier weight, which will give a stronger impression of your party, while also being easier to read across different sizes. Anything too thin will be less legible from a distance, making it harder for potential voters to read (and remember) your name.

Elaborate Ampersand Symbol on Crowded Desk


Like political colors, political symbols are usually a matter of the party you belong to. If you choose to go for a symbol outside of what your party’s members usually use, you’ll need to make sure they’re on board. You’ll also need to make sure your symbol says something meaningful about your campaign and complements your political logo’s other design elements.

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Special Features

If you want to take your political party from grassroots movement to election frontrunner, you need a brand voters can believe in. Get your political logo campaign-ready, with a few of Looka’s special features. Looking to add a bit of nuance to your brand? Create visual diversity by using a font or color pair in your party’s name. Different combinations of fonts and colors can recall the different aspects of your political platform. Social media, political pins, and other small swag items are favorite ways for voters to show support. For a logo that fits small formats perfectly, try stacking your text and symbol. Want to put your symbol in the spotlight? Try Looka’s ‘symbol between text’ or ‘symbol replace text’ layouts. After polishing up your political logo with a special feature or two, you’ll be ready to hit the debate stage in no time.

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