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Real estate agents know how to match the right place with the right person. But before clients can trust you to find their next office or home, they need to trust your taste. Whether you work in residential or commercial real estate, the right real estate branding is key to building trust with clients. Give your company some curb appeal with a beautifully designed real estate logo.  

To create the best real estate logo for your brand, you need to understand the market. Explore how other realtors and real estate companies are branding themselves, by browsing our collection of real estate logos. See what colors, fonts, and symbols resonate with buyers and sellers alike. Then, learn how to use them in your own logo with our realty design best practices.  When you're ready to get a logo for your real estate business, try our AI-powered logo generator for free.

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Real Estate logo best practices

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Depending on the properties you work with, some colors will be a better fit for your real estate logo than others. Black and white are suited to high-end markets, while warmer colors like red and yellow create a more homey feel. Look for colors that reflect the properties you have to offer, while also ensuring your brand stands out from competitors. With a balance of client appeal and competitor differentiation, you can create the perfect palette for your realty brand.

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As you create your realtor logo, keep your most-used marketing mediums in mind. For many real estate agents and companies, this means things like business cards, physical signage, and websites. For a real estate logo that will look good across these applications, opt for a cleanly structured layout. If you want added flexibility, create symbol-only or text-only variations of your logo. That way, you’ll always look your best across the different marketing mediums.

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Real estate logos often feature bold, sans-serif, uppercase typefaces to represent strength and trust. Depending on your clientele, neighborhoods, and style, you'll want to pick your typeface accordingly. Sharper fonts work well for commercial real estate, while rounded fonts skew more residential. Whatever font you end up choosing, make sure it's legible for all sizes and mediums—especially if you're also using it for your contact information.

Elaborate Ampersand Symbol on Crowded Desk


Of all the available realtor symbols, buildings and keys might just be the most popular. These two symbols quickly communicate what your company does, but they’re not your only options. Abstract and animal symbols are also a great fit and can help your real estate logo to stand out. Look for symbols that communicate the look and feel of your listings, while also complementing your other design elements. With both of these boxes ticked, you’ll have a logo that can grow with your business.

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Special Features

Make the most of your logo’s real estate with Looka’s special features. Looking to add some curb appeal to your logo? Try stacked text. By splitting your name across several storeys, you add visual impact at a glance. For even more visual interest around your brand’s name, try font and color pairs. Pairing different fonts and colors within your name creates contrast, showing off different sides of your business. For a high-end look, use the font pair feature to overlap your text. Overlapped text adds a sense of sophistication, perfect for luxury real estate. With a few special features in place, you’ll be ready to put your real estate logo on the market.

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