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School is officially in session! Lesson one: how to create a standout brand. To begin today's lesson, we'll be talking all about school logos. With a logo worthy of the honor roll, you'll be ready to graduate from basic branding in no time. 

Before you can ace the creation of your school's logo, you need to study up. Learn from the best by reviewing our gallery of school logo designs from institutions of every kind. Explore the branding differences between different sizes and styles of schools. Then, read through our study guide of school logo best practices. After learning what logo features are top of the class, it's time to test your logo design skills. When you're ready to make a logo for your school, try our AI-powered logo maker for free!

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School logo best practices

Colorful Windows with Trees Indoors


Choose a color that appeals to your students and educators and communicates the type of educational institution you have. Muted colors are inviting and help invoke feelings of trust, making them a good fit for higher-level institutions. While brighter colors convey the excitement of educating younger children. Deep blues and rich reds are often associated with loyalty and stability—traits that make them a great fit for school logos.

Phone Layout with Logo on Screen


The difference between a good logo and a great logo comes down to context. If your school logo design doesn't suit your marketing channels, it can quickly fall flat. Don't leave your logo layout to chance. Instead, look for clean, structured layouts that work just as well on admissions emails as they do on school signage. By focusing on simple, focused formats, you ensure your school's brand can shine everywhere you use it.

Large Letter A on Rusted Background


The influence of academia is undeniable in school logos. Many logos for educational institutions opt for bookish Serif fonts. These old-fashioned, uppercase fonts add a sense of gravitas, reflecting the look of major universities and the texts they teach. But you don't need to be a Harvard to channel their history and tradition using one of these fonts. If your school is more modern in its educational approach, a Sans-Serif or Slab Serif font can convey that. Whatever font you choose, make sure it connects with your potential students and speaks to your teaching style.

Elaborate Ampersand Symbol on Crowded Desk


If you're looking for the finishing touch to elevate your school logo, consider a symbol. Many schools incorporate monogram and crest symbols. For a more literal approach, you can use literary symbols like books to convey your industry. Or show off your abstract thinking with an abstract symbol. For any school symbol you consider, be sure to keep the rest of your logo in mind. Your symbol should synthesize the style of your logo's other elements to create a unified brand for your school.

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Special Features

To create an A+ school logo, you need to go above and beyond. Take your logo to the next level, using Looka’s special features. Stacked text lets you split your school’s name across multiple lines. If your name includes “university” or “academy,” stacked text allows for more flexible formatting. Choose which aspects of your logo to emphasize using a container. Many academic institutions use containers around their symbols to create a school crest look. Available in circular, rectangular, and abstract formats, containers can shape the way students see your school. With a few special features for extra credit, your school’s brand is sure to impress.

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