Soccer logo design

Creating the right logo for a soccer team or league takes hard work and creativity. The logo should convey a soccer match's exciting back-and-forth action and attract new fans and retain current ones. Soccer logos are bold and busy, often evoking a sense of nationalist pride. Before you start dreaming up ideas, look at examples, both for inspiration and to ensure that your logo isn’t too close to any competition, to avoid confusion.

Use our soccer logo best practices to help you see how your design stacks up against others. Once you’ve finished your preparation, use Looka’s AI-powered logo maker to bring your ideas to life. It’s simple to use and is the perfect tool to help you create a logo for soccer.

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Soccer logo best practices

Colorful Windows with Trees Indoors


Soccer is an exciting outdoor sport, and your logo’s colors should capture that sense of excitement and fast gameplay. Your colors should make sense for your team name, like shades of brown or gold for bears or lions or cooler colors for a water or ice-based names. You may also want to involve the colors of your country, province, state, or city flag to invoke a sense of geographic pride.

Phone Layout with Logo on Screen


A clear, simple layout works best for sports team logos, which will be on players' uniforms. When the players are in motion, a simple logo is easier to read. Soccer logos are often encased in some kind of container or emblem. You may choose an emblem for uniforms and other wearable items, and a logo with the full team's name, city, and other details for printed materials, banners, and fan swag. Most soccer logos stack their logo elements to conserve space, as horizontal logos often take up more real estate on printed materials.

Large Letter A on Rusted Background


Sans serif fonts look better for logos that will be on clothing, especially on soccer players running quickly and making sudden moves. Use a bold, block-style font so your team name can be read from across a wide soccer pitch, and choose filled-in letters instead of outlines, which may be harder to discern from a distance. Soccer logos often have a classic appeal, so try a font that is legible but still traditional.

Elaborate Ampersand Symbol on Crowded Desk


Your soccer logo’s symbol is arguably the most important part of the design. It represents your team and the sport, but there is still plenty of room for creativity. Consider making a symbol that represents both the game and the team mascot or name, like a soccer ball overlaid on the team mascot. Or, you may opt for something less obvious, like a symbol representing your team’s city or country and the game. The symbol should be simple enough to be associated with your team whenever your fans see it, and generate a sense of pride and excitement.

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