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On your marks, get set, logo! Whether you’re a sports team looking to grow your fanbase or a sporting business aiming to up your marketing game, a strong sports logo gives you an edge. Leave the competition in the dust, with a sports logo that plays hard and looks great.

But before you can jump into the logo game, you need to train. Get your design skills up to snuff by looking through our logo hall of fame for some sports logo ideas. Learn how the greats of the game use colors, fonts, and symbols to create cheer-worthy logos. Then, brush up on the fundamentals by reviewing our logo design best practices. When you’re ready to create your own logo, Looka’s logo maker is the perfect teammate. It’s AI-powered and easy to use—so you can create an all-star logo in minutes.

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Sports logo best practices

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Your team’s logo colors can come to define your brand, appearing across everything from jerseys, to equipment, to facepaint. To build a palette your fans can stand behind, go bold. Striking, saturated colors are just the ticket, creating a confident first impression for your team. Choose 1-2 distinct colors, and avoid anything that resembles your rivals’ colors too closely.

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Sports logos can appear just about anywhere. So to ensure your logo looks just as great on the Megatron as it does on merch, keep it simple. Look for layouts without too many complex features, that put either your name or symbol in the spotlight. If you’re not sure which layouts will play best, try browsing Looka’s mockups feature to see what different formats look like in action.

Large Letter A on Rusted Background


When it comes to choosing sports logo fonts, you need to go big or go home. Uppercase, bold Sans-Serif typefaces are the name of the game for company and team logos alike. Aside from adding a feeling of enthusiasm to your logo, this style of font is also highly readable. With the right spirit and the right style, these fonts make it easy for fans to read, remember, and cheer your name.

Elaborate Ampersand Symbol on Crowded Desk


Many sports symbols also serve as mascots, making animals one of the most popular symbol options for logos in this industry. If you want your symbol to double as your mascot, opt for something with a cartoonish style that will translate well to a costume. If you’re not a fan of mascots, consider an abstract symbol to communicate your team’s strengths.

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Special Features

What separates a professional sports logo from an amateur? The difference is in the details. Containers add structure to your logo and enhance its message. Circular containers can recall balls. Rectangular containers reflect the playing field. For a classic football club look, try a crest-shaped container. Create the perfect starting lineup for your logo by stacking your text and symbol. Stacking features adds a focal point to your logo, while also making it more compact. Perfect for fitting your logo on smaller sports equipment! Add the final finishing touch by using the curved text option to fit your name to circular symbols or containers. With a few simple features, you can take your team’s logo from bush league to big league in minutes.

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