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Travel offers the opportunity to discover the world (and yourself) by exploring new locations and cultures. Whether you’re helping others to discover a new escape or sharing your own journeys, your travel brand should evoke the excitement of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Prepare your business for takeoff, with a travel agency logo that inspires adventure.

Before you begin the journey of branding your travel business, explore our collection of travel logos. Featuring logos not only from travel agencies, but also from airlines and travel bloggers, our gallery is your window into the world of travel branding. Once you’ve learned the colors, fonts, formats, and symbols that resonate with travelers, it’s time to take the next step. Start designing your own travel agency logo, using our AI-powered logo maker. It’s free to try and fun to use!

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Travel agency logo best practices

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The color palette you choose for your travel agency logo should paint a picture of the experiences you have to offer. Warm red and yellow tones evoke sandy beaches, while cool blues recall more icy adventures, and shades of green recall lush forests. If you’re looking to add a premium feel to your travel brand, try keeping things black and white. For any colors you choose, keep your audience in mind and consider what will resonate with their tastes.

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Are you a travel agency that uses business cards? Or maybe a tour company that needs branded buses? Or a travel blog that creates social media posts? Depending on the nature of your travel business, your logo might appear in different places. Consider where you’ll be using your logo and look for formats that will work with those applications. If you’re unsure what will look best in the sizes and mediums you use, you can’t go wrong with a minimalist layout.

Large Letter A on Rusted Background


Your logo’s typography should capture the tone and voice of your travel brand. As you explore different options, look for fonts that reflect your brand’s personality and destinations. Serif fonts work well for high-end experiences, Script fonts evoke playful retreats, and Sans Serif fonts speak to more modern getaways. While your travel agency logo’s fonts should reflect the experiences you specialize in, they should also be legible—so your audience can easily remember your name.

Elaborate Ampersand Symbol on Crowded Desk


Travel agency logos typically feature symbols related to either the journey or the destination. Icons of airplanes, boats, beaches, and mountains can all be a good fit, depending on the nature of your travels. If you want to be more adventurous, try an abstract symbol that evokes the spirit of wanderlust or discovery. Whatever symbol you go with, make sure it matches your logo’s other elements. By keeping your icons consistent with your colors, format, and fonts, you create a unified image for your travel brand.

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Try using one of Looka's special features to create some truly unique travel agency logos. Some of our most popular features include curved text and using symbol as text. For example, you could curve your company name around a globe icon, or you could even replace the letter "O" in your name with a compass icon. Looka's logo editor makes designing a travel agency logo a breeze, so that you can instead focus on planning your clients' dream getaways.

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