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Between the hundreds of cable channels and dozens of streaming services available, catching the attention of TV audiences has never been harder. If you want your company name and television content to stand out, you need a brand that will make viewers stop and stare. Increase viewership and grow your audience with a TV logo that will keep people tuning in. 

Before you go live with your new TV logo, explore how top-rated television channels, networks, and shows are branding themselves. See what logo ideas and design elements, such as colors, formats, fonts, and symbols are lighting up the small screen, and learn a few tips for using them in your own logo. When you’re ready to call “Action” on your TV logo, try our AI-assisted logo creator for free!

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TV logo best practices

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Choose a color palette that resonates with your television viewers and reflects the content you produce. Cheery comedies work with brighter colors, while serious dramas pair well with black and white, and educational content suits more muted shades. As you select your palette, you should also consider contrast. With a high contrast color palette, you can ensure your logo will be clearly visible on even the smallest of TV screens.

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Speaking of screens, your TV logo should be formatted to look its best across a wide variety of screen sizes. Whether you’re creating a TV show logo that will appear in opening credits or a TV network logo that will be used in on-screen graphics, you should design your logo layout with your medium in mind. This means creating several layout variations, to suit the different on-screen appearances of your logo.

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Look for fonts that speak to your TV content’s genre, to give viewers a preview of what you have in store. Sans-Serif fonts are seen as modern, while Script fonts are more fanciful, and Serif fonts evoke a sense of history. Across typefaces, bolder fonts are favored by television logos, since they’re easier to read at small sizes. With the right balance of personality and readability, you’ll create the perfect first impression for your TV brand.

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Many TV channels and networks opt to omit the symbol entirely. Instead, they use a monogram version of their logo to represent their brand at smaller sizes. If you do choose to include a symbol, leave any complicated design details on the cutting room floor. In television, simple is best. A simple, distinct symbol in high resolution can set your TV logo apart at a glance, and help you hold the attention of even the most dedicated channel surfers.

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Special Features

From black and white programs broadcast over the airwaves to endless content streamed over the internet, television has changed a lot over the years. But one thing hasn’t changed: the importance of a great logo. With a few of Looka’s special design features, you can be sure your television logo meets broadcasting standards. Make use of limited screen space by stacking your logo’s text. Or follow in the footsteps of famous channels like BBC, NBC, and CBS, by creating a monogram logo. Whether you write your name in full or stick to initials, framing your design with a container will keep your logo looking sharp.

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