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Water, with its fluidity and life-giving properties, is one way to ensure your logo makes a splash. In the design world, harnessing the essence of water in a logo can evoke feelings of purity, refreshment, and tranquility. Companies in various industries, from hospitality and tourism to fitness and sports, tap into the symbolism of water for their logos. Delve into water-inspired design and create a logo that resonates with your customers as a symbol of adaptability and resilience.

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Water logo best practices

Logo Best Practices Color


Blue is a natural choice for a water logo. Many brands use it, including Aquafina, a bottled water company, and Brita, a maker of water filters. Different shades of blue, from light aqua to deep navy, can make a visually striking logo with a calming effect. Consider adding white or green as secondary colors to represent the natural elements around water and create a fresh and aquatic feel. Stick to a limited color palette of two to three colors that align with your brand's identity and resonate with clients.

Logo Best Practices Layout


Many water logo designs use minimalist designs and circular or organic shapes to evoke the ebb and flow of water and bring balance. For example, Nestlé Pure Life's logo features a blue watercolor circle with a family inside in contrasting pink. Using clean lines and simple shapes can effectively convey the essence of water. Avoid cluttered designs to ensure the logo is visually appealing across different platforms, from product packaging and merchandise to your company's social media channels.

Logo Best Practices Typography


Your font should reflect your brand's values and resonate with your clients. Minimalist, sans-serif typography works well for water logos, as it has a clean and modern look. Rounded or fluid letterforms that evoke movement make an impact, like the undulating line the U.K. surf shop The Wave uses for the 'A' and 'V' in its wordmark logo. Whatever font you choose, consider its legibility at different sizes, compatibility with the overall logo design, and how well it aligns with your brand's identity.

Logo Best Practices Symbol


Many water logos use minimalist designs incorporating fluid, dynamic illustrations, like the apparel company Quiksilver's wave crashing down on a mountain. Gradients, flowing lines, or droplet shapes create a sense of movement evoking the natural fluidity of water, like Aquafina's wavy bands in shades of blue and Niagara Falls' stylized waterfall. Whichever symbol suits your brand best, make sure it's scalable and clear in various sizes and formats, from signage to favicons.

Logo Best Practices Special Features

Special Features

Using Looka's special features, create a water logo that will flow with your brand's messaging. Font and color pairs let you mix and match text styles, adding visual diversity to your logo. If it's structure you're after, try adding a container. Add a gold, silver, copper, bronze, or steel finish to your logo for a dynamic feel. With symbol replace text and symbol overlap text, you can create a symbiotic relationship between your logo's verbal and visual elements. With the right special features, you'll have a water logo that can sustain your brand for years to come.

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