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Whether you’re tying the knot in front of hundreds or at the courthouse, your wedding is a day you’ll never forget. Make your nuptials even more memorable, with a custom wedding logo that commemorates your union for years to come.  

Before you say “I do” to your perfect wedding logo, take some time to explore your options. Browse our collection of wedding logos to see the design styles and features others are using to brand their big day. When you’re ready to commit to the logo of your dreams, our AI-powered logo maker will help you take the next step. It’s easy to use and free to try—no RSVP necessary

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Wedding logo best practices

Colorful Windows with Trees Indoors


Depending on whether you’re planning the wedding or being wed, some color schemes will work better than others. If you’re making a wedding logo for your own ceremony, look for colors that reflect your personality and theme. Soft pastels and muted colors work well since they create an inviting impression for guests. If you’re creating a wedding planner logo, try black and white to exude an exclusive feel or bright colors to generate excitement.

Phone Layout with Logo on Screen


When it comes to wedding logo formats, there’s none more popular than the monogram layout. Monogram logos can be used to showcase your couple’s initials, creating an elegant representation of your union. If you choose to use your full names, make sure you give each other sufficient space. For couples with longer names, stacking your text will ensure both your names remain readable on invitations, websites, menus, signage, party favors, and more.

Large Letter A on Rusted Background


Your logo’s fonts should convey the feeling your wedding is trying to create. Will your nuptial be traditional or trendy? Intimate or adventurous? Look for fonts that reflect the spirit of your ceremony, to let guests know what to expect. Regardless of whether you go with a whimsical Script font or time-honored Serif, be sure to keep readability in mind. After all, you don’t want any misunderstanding around whether it’s ‘Jack and Mary’ or ‘Jake and Mandy’ getting married.

Elaborate Ampersand Symbol on Crowded Desk


If you’re not sure which symbol will work for your wedding logo, put a ring on it. Rings are one of the most popular wedding symbols available, along with icons of doves, hearts, and flowers. Some wedding symbols combine several of these elements, to make something entirely new. For any symbol you consider, make sure it matches the style of the rest of your logo. With your colors, format, fonts, and symbols in harmony, you’ll have a unified logo that will last a lifetime.

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