Woodworking logo design

Whether you’re a pro with pine, a master of maple, or a whiz with walnut, woodworking takes talent, dedication, and more than a little practice. To assure potential customers of the quality of your craftsmanship, you need a woodworking logo that reflects your skills and style. 

If you want to create a logo that makes the cut, begin by sizing up the competition. Explore our collection of woodworking logos to see what colors, fonts, and symbols other carpenters are using to brand their craft. When you’re ready to create a logo for your own woodworking business, try our easy-to-use logo creator for free!

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Woodworking logo best practices

Colorful Windows with Trees Indoors


Woodworking logos tend to favor neutral tones that reflect the natural palette of various types of trees and the wood they produce. Earthy browns, greens, greys, and beiges are often associated with rustic, hand-made products, making them a good choice for woodworkers looking to highlight their handiwork. If you want to go against the grain with your color palette, red can add a pop of color while also complementing neutral colors.

Phone Layout with Logo on Screen


As you look for layouts for your carpentry logo, there’s one rule you’ll need to remember: simple is best. A simple layout will give you the flexibility to use your logo on everything from business cards, to websites, to signage, to product packaging, to wood branding irons. Measure twice and cut once, by testing your logo at various sizes and in various mockups before finalizing your logo layout decision.

Large Letter A on Rusted Background


Depending on the style of woodworking you do, some fonts will be better suited to your logo than others. Rustic, handcrafted woodworking pairs well with more traditional Serif fonts, while more modern carpentry works well with clean-cut Sans Serif fonts. For any font you consider, be sure to consider readability. An elaborate Script font might look beautiful burned into a piece of maple, but it might not be the easiest to read.

Elaborate Ampersand Symbol on Crowded Desk


While symbols are optional, they can be a powerful way to quickly communicate the nature of your business. For a woodworking logo, symbols usually take the form of trees, wood grain, and woodworking tools. However, you can also look for symbols that capture the spirit and style of your work, whether that’s a particular animal or an abstract shape. For any symbol, make sure it matches the rest of your logo, to create a unified brand for your business.

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