Yoga logo design

Whether it’s for physical fitness or spiritual wellness, yoga is an important part of millions of people’s daily routines. If you want your company to become a part of those routines, you first need to build a brand that resonates with yoga practitioners—starting with a well-designed yoga logo. 

Before you begin searching for the perfect logo for your yoga studio, apparel, or accessories brand, explore our collection of yoga logos. See what colors, fonts, layouts, and symbols others are using to grow their brands and reach a broader audience, then read through some best practices for using these features in your yoga company’s logo. When you’re ready to take the next step and create your own yoga logo, our AI-assisted logo generator is here to help—and free to try!

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Yoga logo best practices

Colorful Windows with Trees Indoors


Bring a sense of calm to your brand, by incorporating muted shades of blue and green into your logo’s color palette. Blue and green are often associated with serenity and growth—perfect for putting potential students or customers at ease. Many yoga companies opt to keep their logo’s background white, which can be a great way to give your logo a more open feel, while also putting the focus on your brand's name.

Phone Layout with Logo on Screen


As you look through potential layouts for your logo, focus on finding your center—literally. Many yoga logos opt for a center-aligned layout, with symbol, name, and slogan all stacked directly on top of each other. The symmetry of a center-aligned layout provides a clear sense of order, while also looking great in a variety of mediums. For any layout you look at, be sure to consider where you’ll be using your logo and whether it would fit your chosen formats.

Large Letter A on Rusted Background


Let your typography do the talking for you, by choosing fonts that reflect the way you make customers feel. Thin, Sans-Serif fonts spaced far apart create a feeling of calm, by giving the individual letters of your company name more breathing room. To ground your yoga brand’s logo, try using a bolder font for part of your name or keeping the spacing tighter on your slogan. As you adjust your logo’s fonts and spacing, be sure to test for readability.

Elaborate Ampersand Symbol on Crowded Desk


While lotus flowers are a standby yoga symbol, they aren’t your only option. Many yoga studios and apparel companies choose to incorporate other symbols from nature, usually bounded by a circular container. Circles are often associated with completeness, making them a powerful addition to your brand—both on their own and around a smaller icon. You’ll also want to make sure your symbol matches your yoga logo’s other elements, to create a harmonious impression of your brand.

Lightbulb against dark background - logo ideas special features

Special Features

Elevate the look of your yoga logo with Looka’s special design features. To make the most of your yoga symbol, try playing with different poses. Take a breath between words, using the symbol between text option. To unify your symbol and text, try the symbol overlap text and symbol replace text features. For a more centered symbol, consider framing it within a container. With the right balance of special features, your logo will be mat-ready in minutes.

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