Curved logo design inspiration

Curved text logos take a “more is more” approach to design. They are commonly found in two very different types of logos: vintage brands looking for a classic feel, and modern brands looking for playful visuals. Because of their complexity, curved logos require a careful eye for detail because it’s easy to go overboard with a combination of fonts, colors, symbols, and paths.

Browse our collection below to find logo inspiration from other brands using curved text, including 3 big players in different markets. Then, read tips on how to select colors, fonts, layout, and symbols to make sure your logo matches the brand you’re trying to portray. When you’re ready, get started with our AI-powered logo maker.

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Curved logos that make a statement

herschel logo


Herschel was only founded in 2009, but its vintage logo evokes a brand that’s been around for generations. It uses a classic combination of typefaces: the brand itself is cursive, while other details are in sans serif. Vintage logos commonly use curved text elements, and Herschel’s is no exception. The monochromatic look also adds to its timeless feel.

pop tarts logo

Pop Tarts

The current Pop Tart’s logo was introduced in 2017, with minor changes from its previous iterations. With a bubbly font and curved text, Pop Tarts’ logo evokes fun and playfulness. The white letters with a colorful outline are commonly found in other cheerful logos like Fanta and Lego that also cater to a younger audience.

alfa romeo logo

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo’s current logo is remarkably similar to its original one. Founded in 1910, Alfa Romeo’s logo displays the traditional symbols of Milan. Badges are commonly found in vintage logos, and are a perfect opportunity to use curved text. While colorful, the logo uses darker shades to not diverge from the classic and luxurious feel of the brand.

Curved logo design tips

Palette Icon in Orange


Earthy colors like deep reds and greens add to the vintage feel of a curved text logo. Vintage logos tend to use a limited amount of colors – if any. But if you’re after a fun look, use bold colors like blue or orange in saturated shades. blue or orange. Try not to go overboard – remember that the curved text already adds to the busyness of your logo.

Type Icon in Purple


Classic brands often use cursive fonts. This font style looks like it’s written by hand, giving a more personal look to your logo. But you don’t have to choose a single typeface. Vintage logos often use a combination of fonts: one for their brand name, and another for their slogan, location, or founding date. Sans serif and cursive fonts pair very well together. If you’re going for a fun and modern look, use decorative fonts that are bold and bubbly.

Layout Icon in Blue


Curved text logos are often used inside circular or elliptical containers, as their curved lines work very well together. Minimalism is probably not the goal here, but make sure that there’s enough whitespace between all the elements. This is important for your logo to scale up and down well, and to make sure that the text remains readable.

Symbol Icon in Green


If your curved logo is text-heavy, you might avoid a symbol altogether and create a text-only logo. If using a symbol, look for shapes that have a similar curvature to the text path you’re using. Organic elements like coffee beans or leaves are great options, but there’s plenty of human-made objects that are also circular, like vinyl records or tea mugs.

Curved logos are often seen in these industries:

Barber Shop



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