Elegant logo design inspiration

Does your target audience appreciate the finer things in life? Look no further than an elegant logo. This type of logo is ideal for businesses that bring an element of glamour and luxury to customers. Consider delicate linework, classic colors, and script fonts to achieve a refined look.

Take a look at these 18 elegant logos for inspiration, then use our free logo maker to design the perfect logo for your business.

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Elegant logos that make a statement

Louis Vuitton logo style in white.

Louis Vuitton

As one of the most coveted luxury fashion brands in the world, it's only fitting that Louis Vuitton have an elegant logo. Just like their handbags, the logo has remained unchanged and timeless throughout the years.

Her Majesty's Pleasure, elegant logo in white.

Her Majesty's Pleasure

Her Majesty's Pleasure chose a bold, serif typeface, that reflects the classy, upscale vibe of the brand. The shorter letter height and dot-like tails of the"j" and "y" bring out a more playful vibe, appealing to their target demographic.

Tiffany logo in white, with elegant font.

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. is an all-around elegant brand with a signature color. The delicate serif typeface sits beautifully against the brand's trademarked blue, capturing the hearts of their audience and staying true to the brand.

Elegant logo design tips


Choose a color palette that’ll speak to your target audience and fuel brand recognition. For elegant logo design, pastels and soft shades accompanied by black or white can go a long way.


Think of where your logo will appear the most. Choose a clean layout that will look great on business cards and websites. Consider multiple logo variations to adapt to different mediums.


Often associated with formality, calligraphic and serif typefaces are a common choice for elegant logos. Pick a typeface that reflects your audience’s style and is legible for all sizes and mediums.


If you want a symbol in your logo, match it to the product or service you’re offering and make sure it complements your other design elements. Also, check that it scales well.

Elegant logos are often seen in these industries:




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