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Do your customers appreciate the finer things in life? Is your business built on luxury and sophistication? If so, an elegant logo might just be the perfect fit. Elegant logos add a high-end appeal to your brand, attracting customers who accept nothing less than the best. Show customers your brand has the top of the line experience they’re looking for—with an elegantly designed logo. 

Like most high-end items, a luxury logo takes time to craft correctly. So, before you start designing, take some time to get logo inspiration by studying the masters of this logo style. Explore our curated collection of logos from businesses across the luxury goods and services sector, to see how others are creating an elegant impression for their brand. Once you’ve learned the details that give an elegant logo its appeal, you can begin crafting your own. Our AI-assisted logo maker will guide you along your design journey—to create a logo that’s precisely bespoke to your business.

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Elegant logos that make a statement

Louis Vuitton logo style in white.

Louis Vuitton

Founded in 1854 as a luggage company, Louis Vuitton has since become an empire that spans industries. As one of the most coveted luxury fashion brands in the world, it's only fitting that Louis Vuitton has an elegant logo. The brand’s monogram logo dates back to the 1890s, remaining almost entirely unchanged in the years since its introduction. For Louis Vuitton and its logo, elegance is timeless.

Her Majesty's Pleasure, elegant logo in white.

Her Majesty's Pleasure

Part spa, part bar, Her Majesty’s Pleasure operates on the simple philosophy of “treat yourself”. To complement the classy, yet playful, appeal of the brand, Her Majesty's Pleasure chose a bold, Serif typeface for their logo. Here, it’s the details that create a sense of elegance within this seemingly simple logo. The shorter letter height and dot-like tails of the"j" and "y" add a touch of fun, elevating an otherwise traditional font.

Tiffany logo in white, with elegant font.

Tiffany & Co.

Whether you’re enjoying breakfast outside or buying jewelry that will one day become an heirloom, Tiffany & Co. exudes elegance. Known for the signature blue shade used across the brand’s marketing materials, Tiffany lets its color do the talking by choosing a subdued Serif for its luxurious logo. The delicate serif typeface sits beautifully against the brand's trademark blue, adding to the brand’s enduring sophistication.

Elegant logo design tips

Palette Icon in Orange


Coco Chanel once said, “Elegance is refusal.” As you choose a color palette for your elegant logo design, refusal is key. Keep your color palette simple, selecting only one color to pair with either black or white. For your color of choice, consider classic muted shades and pastels, to ensure your brand colors can stand the test of time.

Layout Icon in Blue


Many luxury brands maintain the same logo for decades (or even centuries) by choosing a logo layout that provides flexibility. Look for logo formats that scale up and down well, or opt to create a few variations for different applications. By creating a logo that can work everywhere, you’ll be able to maintain continuity in your visual brand for years to come.

Type Icon in Purple


Often associated with formality, Calligraphic and Serif typefaces are a common choice for elegant logos. For these fonts, small details can make a big impact. Subtle angles, fine curves, delicate lines—these are the features that define fonts from these families. As you consider fonts for your logo, aim for something that balances elegance with identifiability.

Symbol Icon in Green


To maintain the striking simplicity that sets elegant logos apart, many brands opt to omit symbols entirely. However, there are still some logos that maintain their elegance while incorporating a logo. To do so, look for minimalist symbols and avoid anything that could disrupt the visual flow of your logo.

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