Geometric logo design inspiration

When done right, geometric logos can express a wide range of emotion. Going for strong and stable? Use squares and rectangles. Seeking a wholesome, harmonious vibe? Consider circles and ovals. It may seem simple, but these forms can go a long way in telling the story of your brand.

Take a look at these 18 geometric logos for inspiration, then use our free logo maker to design the perfect logo for your business.

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Geometric logos that make a statement

Microsoft logo in white with geometric symbol.


Microsoft's four-square window design has evolved over the years, with its current variation being the cleanest and simplest one to date. The brand colors are reflected in each of the squares, positioned just to the left of the wordmark.

Adidas geometric logo in white on grey.


Representing a mountain, the three stripes in Adidas's logo lives up to the message "...the challenge to be faced, and the goals to be achieved." This alludes to the challenge of climbing a mountain...and succeeding!

Google Drive logo in white with geometric symbol.

Google Drive

The Google Drive logo is simple, yet strong like the other logos of Google products. Using three of the four brand colors, each side of the triangle is a different color. Triangle logos can represent strength and speed, both of which effectively describe this Google product.

Geometric logo design tips


Bold, primary colors are popular choices for geometric logos. Choose a simple color palette that’ll speak to your target audience and fuel brand recognition.


Think of where your logo will appear the most. Choosing a clean layout will look great on business cards and websites. Consider multiple logo variations to adapt to different mediums.


Because this style of logo is primarily focused on symbolism, consider a clean typeface that will complement the symbol chosen.


If you want a symbol in your logo, match it to the product or service you’re offering and make sure it complements your other design elements. Also, check that it scales well.

Geometric logos are often seen in these industries:




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