Geometric logo design inspiration

A great logo should align with your brand—without putting you in a box. If you’re looking for a logo that can capture the many different sides of your company, a geometric logo might be the right angle. This logo style relies on simple shapes to communicate complex ideas. By leaving its exact meaning up to interpretation, a geometric logo can scale with your business, even as you expand your offering. 

Create a strong foundation for your geometric logo, by starting with a little background research. Get logo inspiration from our collection of companies of every size and shape, to see how others are using this style of logo. To ensure your logo measures up to style standards, read through our case studies and design tips. When you’re ready to create your own logo, Looka’s logo maker is the perfect tool for the job. It’s AI-powered and easy to use—so you can get your logo squared away in minutes.

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Geometric logos that make a statement

Microsoft logo in white with geometric symbol.


Microsoft's four-square window design has evolved over the years, with its current variation being the cleanest and simplest one to date. The brand’s signature red, blue, green, and yellow color scheme is captured in each of the squares—connecting the logo to Microsoft’s sub-brands. With its strikingly simple design, this geometric logo puts Microsoft’s brand colors in the spotlight, helping to build recognition across the larger Microsoft brand ecosystem.

Adidas geometric logo in white on grey.


Representing a mountain, the three stripes in Adidas's logo are said to convey "the challenge to be faced, and the goals to be achieved." While not every Adidas customer has a literal mountain to climb, this shape powerfully conveys the challenge of training. Due to its mountainous design, Adidas’ geometric design also recalls traits typically connected to triangles. Often associated with feelings of motion and power, the triangle reinforces Adidas’ reputation for athleticism.

Google Drive logo in white with geometric symbol.

Google Drive

Google Drive’s geometric logo is simple yet strong, like other Google product logos. Using three of the four brand colors, each side of the triangle is a different color. Triangle logos can represent strength and speed—important traits for a cloud storage product. It’s worth noting that Google Drive’s logo leverages the same ‘bold brand colors plus basic geometric shape’ formula as Microsoft’s logo. In an industry as complex as technology, a simple logo can be especially powerful.

Geometric logo design tips

Palette Icon in Orange


Bold, primary colors are a popular choice for geometric logos. Since your symbol will be relatively simple, your color palette can be a bit more bold—without making your logo look busy. But that doesn’t mean you should add as many colors as possible. Instead, look for colors that communicate something important about your brand, to add another layer of meaning to your logo.

Layout Icon in Blue


The shape of your logo’s layout should complement your chosen geometric shape. If you’re incorporating your geometric shape as your logo’s container, most of this formatting work will be done for you. However, if you’re incorporating your geometric shape as a symbol, you’ll have to keep that shape in mind as you choose your format. Look for layouts that echo your chosen shape, to create a unified feel for your logo.

Type Icon in Purple


The smooth lines and sharp angles of geometric shapes pair well with similarly simple fonts. Look for clean, minimal typefaces and avoid anything with too many design details. Many geometric logos incorporate Sans-Serif fonts, which are known for their streamlined look. While these fonts do complement geometric designs, they don’t attract much attention to themselves, allowing your shape to shine.

Symbol Icon in Green


Perhaps the most important component of any geometric logo, symbols are how you add shape to your logo. While some logos use containers to create geometric shapes, symbols are the more popular method. As you search for a shape to represent your brand, remember to research the symbolism behind each set of lines. By understanding the meanings behind different shapes, you can ensure you’re sending the right message to customers.

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