Minimalist logo design inspiration

When it comes to logo design, less can truly be more. 

Minimalist logos embrace this idea, with stripped-down designs that distill brands to their essence. By getting rid of the non-essential and getting the details right, minimalist logos create a timeless look. But using this logo style isn’t just about taking away what’s there. It’s about knowing what to keep, too. 

Learn the principles of minimalist design by browsing our logo gallery. Next, explore the design choices famous brands are making with their minimalistic logos. Then, read through our best practices, to see the minimalist fonts and design details that make this logo style work. When you're ready to turn your blank canvas into a beautiful logo, try Looka’s logo maker. It’s AI-powered and offers smart design suggestions—to make creating the perfect logo simple.

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Minimalist logos that make a statement

Minimal style Apple logo, white text on grey.


Apple has one of the most striking minimalist logos around today. This pictorial mark is a straightforward yet abstract nod to its name and products. The bite was added to the apple silhouette to prevent people from mistaking it for other fruit such as a peach or cherry. By using only simple, smooth lines to form its design, this logo creates a sense of cohesion. Though using only one feature to form your logo might feel limiting, Apple exemplifies how using less can do more.

Calvin Klein logo in white, minimal style.

Calvin Klein

This minimalist wordmark logo is simple yet sophisticated, reflecting the nature of the brand. Calvin Klein recently presented a new logo to the world, replacing the title case wordmark for an impactful all-caps one. Notice how this new font is formed only of strong, straight lines. Without decorative details like swoops and serifs, the brand’s name stays in the spotlight. Similar to Apple’s use of curved lines, Calvin Klein’s use of straight lines unifies its logo’s design.

Nike logo in white, minimal style.


Representative of movement, power, and adrenaline, the Nike "swoosh" is the definition of a minimalist logo. Formally known as the "the stripe," this abstract pictorial mark empowers people around the world. While a lot of design details go into giving the Nike logo its look, part of its minimalist appeal is its sense of ease. The swoosh looks like it might have been done with a single stroke of a paintbrush. It’s this deceptive simplicity that defines the minimalist design style.

Minimalist logo design tips

Palette Icon in Orange


For color schemes, black and white are about as minimal as you can get. Black and white let your other logo features stand out, putting the focus on your fonts or symbol. But that doesn’t mean you have to avoid color entirely. If you want to experiment with color in your logo, keep the rest of your design simple. Use one or two colors, treating them as your statement feature. 

Layout Icon in Blue


If you want your logo design to have a minimalist feel, you’ll need a minimal layout. Often, companies will choose either their name or symbol to serve as their logo. If their logo incorporates both, they may also create symbol-only and text-only versions for different mediums. Minimalism embraces empty space, so be sure to give each element plenty of room.


Type Icon in Purple


In this case, less is definitely more. For a minimalist logo, go for a clean, understated typeface. Pick a typeface that reflects your audience’s tastes and is legible for all sizes and mediums. For many brands, this means a Sans Serif font. Fonts from this family are known for their clean lines and sharp design—perfect for minimalist design.


Symbol Icon in Green


Symbols are by no means a must-have for any logo, and plenty of minimalistic logos omit them entirely. That said, minimalism and symbols aren’t necessarily at odds. To choose a symbol that works for your logo, opt for simple designs. Your symbol should also complement your logo’s other elements, to create a logo that works together as a single unified whole.


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