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If you’re a modern company looking to make a splash with your branding, a modern logo is the way to go. Modern logos take a “less is more” approach to design, focusing on clean lines, minimalist layouts, and simple (but striking) color palettes. Aside from being a popular choice among younger companies, these logos also offer a great way for more established companies to reinvigorate their brands. 

But before you can start designing, you need to understand what makes a modern logo, well, modern. To help you learn the design trends and tips of this particular style of logo, we’ve pulled together 18 stunning designs you can use for logo inspiration. Browse recent rebrands from companies like Google and Mastercard, to see how the pros are modernizing their brands. When you’re ready to design (or redesign) your company’s logo, try our easy to use, AI-powered logo maker!

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Modern logos that make a statement

Google modern wordmark logo in white text.


Introduced in 2015, Google's modern logo design strays away from the Serif typeface they had for years prior. The stripped-down typeface and bright brand colors evoke a sense of playfulness and creativity. While a multicolor palette might not seem like a fit for the modern style, by keeping the rest of their logo’s features very simple—with no symbol or slogan in use—Google makes it work.

Uber modern wordmark logo in white text.


When redesigning their logo, Uber went for a bolder typeface, straying away from the previous slender one. This evokes feelings of strength, growth, and maturity—traits most tech companies are looking to emulate. The white pops against the black background and emphasizes the text, even on small screens. As a company known primarily for its mobile app, Uber’s bold, simple logo is a great fit for its most-used medium.

facebook logo white


Facebook's logo follows a simple and straightforward design, consisting of a white lowercase font on a blue background. The casual lowercase letters — the "f" often appearing alone —reflect the company's "social" personality. While Facebook did redesign their logo in 2019, that new design is only used for the parent company, with its old logo still representing the main social networking site.

Modern logo design tips

Palette Icon in Orange


To stay on-trend, modern logos tend to have bold colors, paired with black or white. By keeping your color palette limited to no more than 1 or 2 colors, you’ll create a cleaner impression of your brand. If you opt to have more than two colors, be sure to keep the rest of your logo’s design features pared down. For maximum impact, aim for colors that differ from the competition, to distinguish your brand from theirs.

Layout Icon in Blue


Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to modern layouts. Avoid anything too busy or with too many features, since these can be distracting for customers. By keeping your logo layout clean and simple, you not only create a more confident impression of your brand, but also make it easier for your logo to scale to fit both traditional marketing mediums and emerging digital mediums.

Type Icon in Purple


Sans Serif fonts are the reigning champ of modern logos, ranging anywhere from regular to black cuts. Fonts from this family are known for their clean lines, with no swoops, swirls, or superfluous details to distract the eye. To distinguish your modern font from the fonts other modern companies are using, try experimenting with font weighting, spacing, and slant.

Symbol Icon in Green


Many modern company logos opt to drop the symbol entirely, to further simplify their logo’s design. Those that do choose to include a symbol typically use basic geometric shapes as the basis of their symbol. If you want to include a symbol, look for something with the same clean lines and streamlined design as the rest of your logo’s design elements.

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