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Looking to bring a bit of blue into your brand? Learn how to create a blue logo that shows off your brand’s true colors—in just three easy steps. Start by browsing Looka’s curated collection of blue logos, and see how the world’s biggest brands build blue into their logo designs. Next, find a shade of blue that suits your brand, by exploring some of our recommended blue color codes. Finally, look through our favorite blue color schemes, to find a color pairing that will make your logo pop.

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  • Calm
  • Depth
  • Stability
  • Sky
  • Trust
  • Loyalty
  • Wisdom
  • Water
  • Confidence
  • Cool
  • Intelligence
  • Tranquility

Popular blue logo color combinations

Blue and turquoise logo color combination.

Blue & Turquoise Logos

Blue and turquoise logos evoke feelings of intelligence, confidence, and trust. Ocean Spray is a great example of a company that uses this logo color combination. Turquoise is formed by mixing blue and green, making this logo color combination an example of an analogous color scheme. Together, blue and turquoise create a sense of harmony and balance for brands.

Blue and pink logo color combination.

Blue & Pink Logos

Blue and pink logos evoke feelings of strength, reliability, and trust. Flickr is a great example of a company that uses this logo color combination. Blue is a cool color, while different shades of pink can fall either in the warm or cool camp. If you want your logo to have a more cohesive feel, go with a cooler, purplish pink. If you're after contrast, look for a warmer, peachier pink.

Blue and white logo color combination.

Blue & White Logos

Blue and white logos evoke feelings of trust, safety, and tranquility. Ford and General Electric are great examples of companies that use this logo color scheme. For this combination, try experimenting with different shades of blue. From midnight, to navy, to royal, to sky, blue comes in many variations. The shade you choose here can completely change the feel of your logo.

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