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Whether it's a themed trade show, a lavish fundraiser, or a local concert, creating a great event is all about learning to draw a crowd. But how do you get people excited about your event before they even know the details? By building a brand for your event or events business, you can give attendees a taste of what’s to come. If you’re looking to create an eye-catching first impression, a well-designed event logo is just the ticket. 

To begin your logo design journey, we cordially invite you to explore our collection of event logos. Browse logos from event planners, event services, and one-off events, to see how others are building anticipation through their brand. After discovering the colors, formats, fonts, and symbols that give this industry its look, it’s time to take the next step. Create the perfect event logo for your business, using our AI-powered logo creator. It’s free to try and fun to use—no RSVP necessary.

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Event logo best practices

Colorful Windows with Trees Indoors


Event logos should be playful and entice your target audience from first glance. To achieve this, try pairing dramatic, contrasting colors together in your color palette. Depending on the type of events you’re planning, certain colors can signal your area of expertise to audiences. Soft pastels for weddings, bright hues for music festivals, or black and white for exclusive affairs. If you take a more multi-faceted approach to your events, try creating a multi-color logo.

Phone Layout with Logo on Screen


When you're working with events, there’s no shortage of places your logo may appear. With everything from websites, to emails, to apps, to posters, to tickets on the table, you need an event logo that can do it all. For a logo that works everywhere, keep your layout simple. Skip the long slogans and complicated symbols and instead focus on streamlining your logo’s design. By using a minimalist logo maker, your brand will look its best on everything from invites to party favors.

Large Letter A on Rusted Background


What type of mood is your event or event business trying to create? Romantic and intimate? Creative and cool? Innovative and imaginative? Your logo’s fonts should reflect the spirit of your events, letting attendees know what they can expect. Aside from capturing the ambiance of an event, your fonts should also be easily readable. After all, it’s hard to get guests hyped if they can’t tell what exactly they’ve been invited to attend or by whom.

Elaborate Ampersand Symbol on Crowded Desk


After all the planning you put into the rest of your event logo, your symbol should serve to tie everything together. This element of your logo can capture the essence of your brand at a glance, while also creating visual consistency in your logo. The right event symbol for your events brand will provide a place for your colors to shine, work with your logo’s layout, and complement the style of your fonts—all at the same time.

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Special Features

Elevate your event logo to VIP status with Looka’s special features. Inspired by professional logo designs, these features will have your logo red-carpet-ready in minutes. Start by giving your event’s name the star treatment using containers. Containers frame your logo’s central elements, letting attendees know what matters most. Want to put your symbol in the spotlight? Try using the symbol replace text or symbol between text features. If your event business caters to a variety of tastes, consider using a font or color pair within your name’s text. With a few select special features, your logo will be sure to shine from invitation to afterparty.

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